The Art of Music UnIQUE SOUNDS

Growing up listening to all different genres of music, I quickly became in love with the unique sounds that make music so enjoyable. For this story I came upon the love of music that my friend Ryan Wilks has and his journey with recording such a unique instrument called a Hurdy Gurdy and also the band that played with this instrument.

This is Jim Winters, he is a graduate student here at The University of Maine and is owner to one of thirty Hurdy Gurdy instruments in the United States

Going more in depth with the Hurdy Gurdy, this instrument is a stringed instrument that produces sound by a hand crank-turned, rosined wheel rubbing against the strings. The wheel functions much like a violin bow, and single notes played on the instrument sound similar to those of a violin. Melodies are played on a keyboard that presses the tangents feeding out a long natural sound. However when talking to Jim about how he plays the hurdy gurdy, it was interesting to hear from his point of view that Jim was taught to completely play this instrument backwards, which created a much more unique sound then what is usually played with a Hurdy Gurdy.

Ryan Wilks is a student here at The University of Maine and has huge ambitions with becoming an audio engineer and music producer. He is a fifth year New Media Major and works in the Studios at the IMRC. Being able to talk to Ryan about the hurdy gurdy during this recording session with the band, he said how he loves that the hurdy gurdy develops such unique sounds and great backdrops for pieces that have a very smoothing vibe to it. It brings sort of a natural feel to many pieces. When it comes to manipulating the sound of the hurdy gurdy with either reverb, delay or many other effects that is what makes it really interesting.

When doing this live recording with the hurdy gurdy and the band The Cards, both the band and Jim said that it was a great experience with each other and how such unique sounds and simple sounds from instruments can create a beautiful piece of art, This live recording session not only created amazing unique sounds, it also created the break through for me to show me that no matter the instrument or what you make with music, it can create a wonderful masterpiece, it was an eye opener for me and changed my whole perspective on the hurdy gurdy and how you can use such a unique sound and manipulate it into something that is a masterpiece just like Ryan Wilks did after this recording session with The Cards and Jim.

Many photos of Jim using the Hurdy Gurdy


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