8 Types of Clouds By: Logan Meyer


Stratus Clouds- This is a Stratus Cloud, Typically rain comes from theses types of clouds and they stay very high up most of the time.
This is a Nimbostatus Cloud, it typically gives thunderstorms and stays fairly low to the ground.
This is an cumulus cloud. It typically stays high in the sky and does not have any type of Wether but every now and then it will give rain.
This is an altostratus cloud. It typically stays low to the ground and gives both hail and thunder storms as well as rain.
This is an cumulonimbus cloud and it stays high in the sky and gives mainly thunderstorms.
This is an cirrculonimus cloud. It is typically low to the ground and does not give any type of whether but it does give some wind.
This is cirrus clouds. They give no Wether or winds . All they do is make a sunny day go away. They typically stay very high in the sky.


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