Cyberbullying Mykelle Mateus

The definition of cyberbullying is when someone is sending negative or threatening messages through messaging and/or social medias. This is important because a lot of cyberbullying leads to suicide and it can make a lot of people depressed or think they aren't important.

Someone affected by cyberbullying can find help at counseling. This would be a good impact on their life because they can see who else is going through the problems they are and they will realize they aren't alone. which would make them no longer depressed and in my opinion its better to talk to people then hold it all inside and let it eat you alive.

My opinion on cyberbullying is that it shouldn't happen. NO ONE should have to go home thinking they aren't good enough. NO ONE should have to go to sleep with the though of suicide on their mind or thinking no one cares for them. I believe no matter how hard life gets its always has to get worse before it gets better..


Created with images by Joan Carles Torres - "Diccionari visual de la societat xarxa: 1) Cyberbullying" • Logan Prochaska - "i'm not okay." • DFAT photo library - "PNG counselling service for women. PNG 2008. Photo: AusAID" • Anemone123 - "desperate sad depressed"

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