So, my dolls, the time has come to take all that wishing and put it into action.

I have created a a course designed to get you up and moving towards a better body image of yourself. After our group session where you will learn, explore, and dig deep into your desires, fears, and self image I guarantee you will be on a better path towards loving yourself wholly and completely.

Body Image Bootcamp

Body Image Boot Camp is designed just like a fitness boot camp...with the intent on getting your mind and body aligned as one to motivate you to keep working towards achieving a healthy relationship with your gorgeous body regardless of the stage you are at. This boot camp will set you up with a solid foundation of positivity and an epic tool kit of beautiful things to help you on your journey to self love.

By doing this course as a group, you will be surrounded by women who are here to help you as they help themselves and everyone is in this together. You will soon realize, that after listening to the support of other babes, that you are NOT alone and you have a girl gang of awesomeness to help you when you feel low.

course outline

Introduction to Body Image //Meet & Greet // First series of prompts & vision boarding

Self portraits // Body Image & the Media discussion

Negativity and it's affect on the brain // Coping with a low self-esteem //

Being more than just a body

Writing letters to other women & girls // Smashing beauty standards // Graduation party

Hope to See you soon, babe!

Created By
Teri Hofford

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