As the education sector becomes ever more competitive, and the demand for educational outcomes ever intensifies, creating the optimal educational environment is vital.

What’s required then is easily controlled modern lighting that supports the objective of the space – whether that be teacher-student direct learning, group work, aural/visual presentations, multimedia technology and individual study.

And with students and staff working longer hours, the right level of lighting is essential.

For the modern education facility, quality lighting then plays an important role in supporting a wide range of people; from students, faculty, staff, and corporate partners who are critical to institutional advancement.

On this landing page we present a range of lighting solutions for key spaces in and around a typical education facility - whether that be a new build, refurbishment or refresh.

We appreciate that every project is unique and so below we present some general ideas for lighting a standard educational facility for both inspiration and stimulate thinking.

Our wide range of luminaires offer solutions for all learning spaces, giving you the creative freedom needed to enhance your education project - delivering energy efficient lighting solutions coupled with a range of controls solutions.

We look forward to discussing with you how Eagle Lighting can provide lighting solutions for your education project.


The Australian education landscape is unique due to the diverse environments in which buildings can be situated; you can find anything from inner city vertical schools, private facilities on acreage through to schools in rural towns.

These diverse and demanding environments require lighting solutions that will last for the life of installation and which are maintenance free, reliable and energy efficient.

To ensure optimal luminaire performance and value for money, we offer a range of luminaires that meet the highest standards in LED boards, componentry, drivers, optics and manufacturing, while remaining competitive for any budget.

Regardless of the application area, selecting quality luminaires and controls, backed by an established Australian brand, is essential.

The benefits for students, staff, and the planet are easy to see.

Classrooms are the centre of any learning establishment and the most commonly occupied space. The activities undertaken in these learning areas are many and varied and, regardless of the task or age of the user, lighting must accommodate this diversity.


A multiple-use space where stimulating colours and good lighting design are essential, regardless of the time of day.

Good lighting in the office contributes to a positive work environment where everyone feels comfortable and motivated. It is important that the luminaires selected are designed for visual comfort and to avoid glare for screen work.

Lighting any environment takes more than a few strategically positioned LEDs.

Good lighting influences occupants visually, biologically and emotionally.

On a biological level, for example, a solid body of evidence continues to grow, confirming the central role that lighting plays in human wellbeing. In schools, the right lighting boosts student learning and teacher productivity.

Our lighting specialists consider a host of factors – from efficiency to ambience, and from colour rendering to lighting’s influence on circadian rhythms – to create sustainable spaces that are sensitive to people.

People in focus

We take a human-centred approach to our lighting solutions. In the academic sphere, the right lighting solution is all the more important as students need to maintain concentration during long sessions.

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A democratic learning environment.

A well-planned learning environment increases the student's opportunities to benefit from education. Malin Valsö, psychologist and author, provides an insightful and practical description here of how, with simple means, you can get the most out of your physical learning environment and create tranquil spaces for study.

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Lifelong learning

How do we encourage lifelong learning once school is over?

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The benefits of a human centred approach to lighting are clear:

For building occupants

Well-lit spaces can enhance occupant health, mood and performance, reduce absenteeism and help educational facilities to retain staff, all of which contribute to a positive culture.

For building owners

Carefully designed and selected lighting give educational facilities more energy-efficient spaces that require less maintenance and are ready for the next IoT leap forward.

The students of tomorrow will approach education in ways that have never existed before, in environments that break the mould of the traditional classroom

We have a range of luminaires to meet the requirements of any science lab – whether you require specialist luminaires where protection against contamination is required or a general lighting solution that provides high efficacy, exceptional lifetime and low glare values.
These multi-functional spaces need to be flexible enough to cope with a wide variety of sporting uses and lighting must be adaptable, consistent and robust.

An Australian-based industry leader with nearly 50 years’ experience, Eagle Lighting leads the way in lighting and lighting control solutions in contemporary education environments.

We help deliver carefully-design educational facilities that are sustainable, dynamic and efficient – key ingredients in attracting students, staff and partners in a highly-competitive global education market.

Our range of energy efficient luminaires supports optimum conditions for everyone in education settings, whether that’s staff needing to work at peak performance or students who require a stimulating learning environment.

With expert knowledge, a deep global network and a commitment to R&D, we offer the reliability, customisation and responsiveness you need today, with the insight, knowledge and engineering capabilities to adapt to future challenges.


We are passionate about collaborating with our clients to help them find the best lighting solution for their unique projects – carefully considering everyone, from the varied project stakeholders through to the end users.

Our high-quality, customisable and innovative lighting solutions, combined with leading-edge research and knowledgeable people, deliver outstanding outcomes for both indoor and outdoor environments.

We pride ourselves on our stable of leading global brands, our in-house R&D, testing and manufacture of customisable luminaires, and our state-of-the-art facility in Melbourne.

We understand that providing the best lighting solutions requires expert consultation and lighting design, quality products and outstanding customer service. When you choose Eagle Lighting, you don’t just get high quality lighting. You get a high standard of service and ongoing support.

As a proud member of the international Fagerhult Group, our access to global experts and products offers a combined capability that is unmatched in Australia.