Specialist Phase Integration

Louise, Helen and Sarah T

Integrated Early Years Technologies

Integrate both strands of the Technologies curriculum within the one teaching block

STEM focused where possible

If we don’t also teach Science to that class we still integrate that year levels Science focus into our lessons

P-2 Integrated Design and Digital Tech

Kindy – Integration within the Specialist Curriculum Areas

Specialist Areas taught – Science, Physical Education, Measurement

All lessons are hands on and more than often play based to encompass the Early Years Learning Framework.

Physical Education encompasses Fundamental Movement Skills and integrates the Arts

Science integrates The Arts, Literacy, Numeracy and Technology

Measurement integrates The Arts, Literacy and Technology

Discovering circles, using fine motor skills and free creativity with play dough

Finding different shapes in the playground, using speaking and listening and iPads to take photos of each other (chicken wings in)

Shape Monsters, focusing on one shape and incorporating over shapes learnt over the term. Students allowed freedom of creation.

Jeremy, Alpar aNd NiCole

Integrated Health and PE/Science.

- Science - We have been covering earths resources, water, soil etc. Looking for links to explore other Curric area.Discussing the four seasons and what this means for our environment and how it might affect us. Discuss types of clothing that we might wear in each particular season. Linked to Health Curriculum.

Incorporating Bertram Whole School Practices - Jeremy- I have also been getting students to create comic strips about conflict resolution for bullying as well as anti bullying posters on the iPads which apply to the curriculum areas of Literacy focusing on personal experience through social interaction and how it impacts them.

- English - The focus at this point has been on Bullying and healthy Vs unhealthy food. Alpar's program focuses on elements of literacy through the use of 7 Steps and sizzling starts. Using poems in sporting activities.

A visual aiding students doing research

- Technologies - Kahoot used to check understanding. Runners club using QR codes to check and record laps of students.

Maths - Measurement in vertical jumps, long jump, sit and reach test.


Using the Geography outcomes as inspiration along with some history outcomes and the knowledge that Harmony Day would be celebrated during Term 1, I created a program that would allow the students to travel to some of the countries from which many of Bertram’s students are from.


Technologies - Integrated


Integrated Design Tech

- Incidental Maths: Measuring using fractions, ability to add and subtract. How to weigh items and the difference between ml and grams.

- HASS - Learning about what crops can grow in certain areas and why this happens. Exploring other countries culture and foods consumed there.

- English - Ability to write and follow procedures. Photos on cupboards and names underneath for identification and familiarity with items. Working through the process together. Recount what we have done in class.

Making connections with 5,000 Meals, WAIFC, SAKG
Engineering combined with Maths and HASS
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