Critical Power Diesel storage & transfer equipment for mission-critical backup generator installations

At PFS Fueltec, we understand the challenges facing mission-critical backup generator systems.

We have made it our business to provide world-class diesel storage, polishing, transer, control and monitoring solutions that add value, increase uptime, ensure reliability and save energy.

We serve the UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe from our two warehouse locations: our headquarters in Witham, Essex and our Scottish depot near Falkirk.

Whether you need a complete diesel storage and transfer system or just a single replacement part, we can help.

We have been in the fuel equipment industry for over 30 years and are proud to have become the preferred distribution partner for various large British and international equipment manufacturers.

This ensures our customers always get best-in-class products at the best possible price – helping you reduce cost, mitigate risk and ensure continuity of your critical operations.

We know that our reputation is only as good as our last customer's experience, so we also provide optional on-site technical services during the commissioning stage of projects to ensure that our solutions are up and running smoothly from day one.

Our technical sales team are experienced in diesel system applications and are regularly involved at the design stage of projects to offer guidance to engineers and architects. We can meet at your office or on your project site to discuss your specific requirements, free of charge and with no obligation

Whilst we do not offer any installation or maintenance services ourselves, we do have close relationships with a vast network of specialist installation contractors. We can put you in touch with the right installation experts to ensure you get the results you need.

At PFS, we believe that an integrated approach is best, which is why we offer an end-to-end diesel equipment package – from storage tanks to engine uptakes

Bulk tanks, day tanks, belly tanks designed to suit your exact specifications.
Our industry-leading fuel polishing systems are designed to continuously filter your stored diesel to avoid generator breakdown due to bacterial growth and water ingress
We have a range of pumps to fulfil the unique requirements of each site, including submersible and skid-mounted fuel pumps with redundancy built in
We offer a wide range of above and below ground pipework solutions. Options include: UPP pipe-in-pipe HDPE, DoubleTrac 2-hour fire-tested flexible pipe-in-pipe, and PFS press-fit stainless steel
A complete range of hardware for all aspects of the diesel system. Including fill cabinets and a range of fire safety, mechanical and solenoid valves
Our leak detection systems include over- or under-pressure interstitial monitoring systems for double-skin pipework and underground tanks; liquid sensors for bunds, drip-trays and plant rooms; and cable leak detectors for single-wall pipelines
Our control and monitoring panels allow your entire fuel system to operate autonomously or under direct manual control when needed. Redundancy and communication can be built in, ensuring uptime and providing critical reporting back to central building management systems

PFS Fueltec offered expert advice and guidance to the design and engineering team on a large, co-location data centre project in the London area.

This enabled the client to achieve cost-reductions and enhanced system reliability by using the submersible pumps we recommended. We also suggested a fuel polishing system with a large filter capacity to remove water, particulates and bacteria, which would dramatically reduce maintenance requirements.

Products supplied:

  • Bulk storage tanks and equipment
  • Submersible transfer pumps
  • Above and below ground pipe-in-pipe
  • Fuel polishing system
  • Leak detection
  • Integrated tank gauge and control system