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In our evolving digital new-age, intelligent buildings are emerging as the future. Many digital technologies are already available today. From smart parking space management to workplace and room reservations to reserving electric vehicle and charging by smartphone. But are the end-users able to make the best use of the technological upgrades and tackle the unforeseen face of digitization?

What are the challenges you are faced with?

  • User experience requirements
  • Security breach
  • Data protection
  • Cyber-attacks
  • Frequent updates
  • Expensive
  • Technically outdated after building completion

Drees & Sommer sees digitization as the starting point of its own holistic innovation strategy and is developing sustainable business models. For us, digital technologies are not just an end in themselves but are enablers of improved and new services leading to higher customer benefits and sustainability. We see Smart Buildings at the core of a smart and efficient ecosystem. A Smart Building equipped with IoT devices can intelligently monitor and control the operations of a building along with generating extra-economic and ecological value for all users. Therefore, we call it Customized Smart Building.

How do you benefit from us?

Our expert teams develop a digital transformation strategy jointly with you to bring maximum benefits and seamless experiences. We factor in your requirements, existing business models, and adapt to any business changes, and the potential of your company. We collaborate with established companies and start-ups to stay abreast with the very latest technological advances. Our goal is to enhance usability for our clients and all other stakeholders involved.

We have developed an innovative concept called the “Brain” as the central control unit using artificial intelligence to “think” from its users - making their life easier and smarter. It learns from the data of the company, the users and the environment and formulates suggestions for improvement. For example, the system recognizes unused spaces that in future may not require heating or cooling and accordingly switches off the systems in these areas.

Your added value:

Check out our innovative projects creating buildings that learn to think.

cube berlin near the Berlin Central Station is a smart commercial building that will learn from its users by a central ‘brain’ and adapt to their individual needs. © CA Immo

The Hammerbrooklyn Digital Campus in Hamburg is being developed as a pioneer in the field of digital transformation and innovation. © Hammerbrooklyn

'The Ship' is a smart office building in Cologne that will implement new work principles and collaborative platform for entrepreneurship. © The Ship

Springpark Valley in Frankfurt am Main is being developed as a Smart City with an innovative neighbourhood where future-shaping concepts are implemented. © Raybounce

District Heidestrasse in Berlin is developing a very modern urban residential district. © Quartier Heidestraße

A look inside Drees & Sommer

As the leading European Consulting, Planning and Project Management enterprise, Drees & Sommer has worked with private and public clients from construction bodies to investors on all types of real estate and infrastructure projects – both analog and digital – for 50 years. With its pioneering and future-shaping consulting, the company offers solutions for successful buildings, high-return portfolios, powerful infrastructure and livable cities. Around 4,000 employees in interdisciplinary teams based at 46 locations worldwide support clients across a wide spectrum of sectors. All the services provided by the partner-run company take into consideration both economic and ecological concerns. Drees & Sommer calls this holistic approach ‘the blue way’.

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Kurt van Dijk, + 31 (0)887762670, kurt.van-dijk@dreso.com
Klaus Dederichs, Head of ICT, +49 241 189959-7411, klaus.dederichs@dreso.com

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