Castle Warfare Catapult

A siege is when an army surrounds the castle and cuts off their supply of food and water with hope of starving the defenders. Knights force the castle to surrender by having them use up their resources. The reason of a siege is to make the castle surrender and they won't lose a lot of men.

1. A catapult launches objects at the walls.

2. A catapult is a device that hurls something in a specified direction.

3. A catapult works by storing tension in the twisted ropes. It's been proven to be one of most effective mechanisms during warfare.


Created with images by Sean MacEntee - "Beflast Castle" • sybarite48 - "Lavardin (Loir-et-Cher)" • ryochiji - "IMG_1454.JPG" • Son of Groucho - "Catapult" • andrusdevelopment - "untitled image"

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