The World According To Emma F.


Trade around the world.

Question: Globalization- making the world stronger or weaker?

Answer: Globalization helps in many ways. One way is it creates jobs for people and that helps them. There are more factories, and the factories need workers, so there are more jobs. Most of the new jobs are working at sweatshops and most people view this as a bad thing, but it's all they have for work to get money. Another way this helps is the costs go down. This is good for people because if the costs go down that is good for them and they are working so they have even more extra money so they can afford to buy more goods and this helps the companies and the people. There are many ways globalization helps, but these are a couple strong reasons.

Different scenes on Mt. Everest.

Question: Mt. Everest, is it worth the risk or not?

Answer: I don't think it is worth the risk. One reason I don't think it is worth the risk is because of the unpredictable weather. The unpredictable weather can kill you in an instant even if you do everything else right. You could get hit by a hurricane and and be lost and not be able to get back to camp. Also if you got hit by a hurricane you won't be able to see and on Mt. Everest there are crevices and if you can’t see then you fall in and die. Another reason it is not worth the risk is because of avalanches. An avalanche in 2014 killed 16 sherpas and 3 other people were lost and never found, so they likely died. I know some people climb it just to climb it, but I don't think it's worth possibly losing your life to do it.

Country profile

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Bucket list


Oil boat

Question: How might having a valuable resource affect a region?

Answer: Having a valuable resource can help a region in many ways. For example, a resource like oil can help make more jobs. Oil helps make more jobs because with so many oil reserves they need more workers which creates more jobs. They sell their oil to the states and other countries and sense they have so much of it they can make a lot of money because other places don't have much. They sell their oil to the states and other countries and sense they have so much of it they can make a lot of money because other places don't have much. Resources like oil help make more jobs and improve the per capita and improve the amount of money the country has.

Desert (I don't know which one)

Question: How do people adapt to living in a desert region?

Answer: There are different ways of adapting to a desert region. One way they adapt is by living near oases. They live near oases because so that they can find food and water. They also live near oases because desert is marginal land because there are ergs so it is not good for growing plants, but if you live near an oasis then you can grow cash crops and make money. Another way they adapt is by wearing loos, long clothes that cover their whole body. They do this because the sun is very strong and they want to protect their skin from burning. They wear loose clothing because they don't want to over heat but still be protected. There are many ways to adapt to living in a desert region, but these are just a few examples.

Government buildings

Question: What forces work for or against supranational cooperation among nations?

Answer: Within supranational cooperation, there are often centripetal forces that unite nations. One example is the trade bloc. The trade bloc unites Europe because it makes it easier to cross the borders for jobs, travel, and goods. A second example is increased travel. Increased travel unites Europe because it helps citizen get to see Europe as one united region. While there are some forces that divide Europe, these are some forces that unite it.


Question: What do you think is the most effective style of government and why?

Answer: The most effective style of government is representative democracy. It's the most effective style because citizens get to elect who they think will respect their rights and will follow their responsibilities. As a citizen you want a leader that will respect your rights because if they don't respect your rights then you won't be or at least feel as free. The good thing is that if the leader doesn't respect people's rights then he can get voted out of office and not be able to rule. The reason a citizen would want them to follow their responsibilities in the society and in the government otherwise things wouldn't get done and that could cause trouble. Another reason it is the most efficient is that there is only one person that decides what is going to happen and what they are going to do. With only one person in charge of making big and final decisions, ideas that might not of been chosen will get a chance to work and decisions will be made quicker and easier. In return causes less drama and problems in the government. This is why representative democracy is the best form of government.

Different people from different places hold hands/ are together

Question: What makes a good citizen?

Answer: A good citizen follows their responsibilities and is deserving of rights. One responsibility a citizen has is to pay their taxes. If a citizen does not pay taxes they can get in trouble. Another responsibility a citizen have is voting. Voting is also a right because voting is a privilege but as a citizen it is necessary to do it. Another right is freedom and freedom of speech. If a citizen follows their responsibilities then he/she will be a good citizen.


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