Mental Health in Pop culture

Mental illness was a theme evident throughout “The Fisher King.” Throughout the film, there is a major transformation shown in how Jack views persons with mental illness. In the beginning, it is evident that Jack views both Parry and the cabaret singer as mentally unstable, which therefore made them crazy and unable to accomplish much in his eyes. There is a major change in the way that Jack views these people who become friends to him, realizing that mental illness, and hardships in general, can happen to anyone. Because of this, Jack’s attitude towards his entire life is changed as well.

Mental health and mental illness are becoming more prevalent topics that can be seen in pop culture today. One positive example of mental health being accurately portrayed in the media is evident throughout ABC’s “This Is Us.” Earlier in the show, one of the main characters, Randall, had a panic attack during a flash back. This was accurately portrayed in the show, which is something that can be difficult to do and difficult to approach. Oftentimes, it is considered easier to just avoid talking about this because it can be such a heavy topic for writers, actors, and the audience. Despite this, however, “This Is Us” was able to accurately portray this difficult topic in a way that allowed the audience to connect with the characters on a deeper, more personal level.

One way in which mental health and mental illness were inaccurately portrayed in the media was through the show “Lucifer.” “Lucifer” is a television show surrounding a character who is actually the devil on earth who is trying to make a life for himself after escaping an eternal damnation of punishing humans in Hell. There are many aspects of the show that are very predictable of the character, however, the twist is that he loves solving crimes because he loves punishing people who have sinned. One theme evident throughout the show is that he is very emotionally unstable. Though it is great that the character seeks help throughout the show, the therapy sessions are pretty ineffective for a number of reasons. Lucifer is portrayed as being off the rails and seems to have little to no boundaries. The show portrays therapy as an ineffective way of treating this and the therapist and Lucifer begin an inappropriate relationship, which only adds to the difficulties that he is facing.

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