The role samurai had was to fight for their people and protect them. They followed the Bushido code which was a code that samurai strongly believed and it told them how to live their lives. Samurai were servants of the Daimyo. They defended the Daimyo and tried to win more land. Samurai got to live in a castle with Daimyo.

Bushido symbol for respect.

Classes above Samurai

Daimyo was the class right above samurai. The Daimyo gave them land in return of protection. Samurai wer Daimyo's Soldiers. The Shogun are the class above Samurai. The Shogun were the ones who basically controlled things and the classes below the Shogun. At the very top there was the Emperor, the Emperor controlled every single person in the social structure. Samurai were controlled by everyone above them.

Classes below Samurai

The classes below Samurai were peasants, merchants and artisans. Every time a person from a class below saw a Samurai they were required to bow and show respect. If they did not do this the Samurai were legally allowed to chop off the recalcitrant person's head. The peasant's gave the Daimyo food in return of their protection.

Samurai had some power over peasants.


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