FunFest Rules April 7, 2017

The of the event's for fun fest are Metric 500 Competition, Mousetrap Car Competition, Egg Drop Competition, Bottle Rocket Competition, Balsa Wood Bridge Competition, Toothpick Bridge Competition, Creative Problem Solving Competition, Balsa Wood Airplane Competition, Digital Media Design Competition, and Digital Media Video Competition.

These events such as Balsa Wood Airplane Competition are all part of the Sandhills FunFest events. During the Balsa Wood Airplane competition you are to have a hand made plane made from Balsa Wood, the plane has to be 10 grams or more without the motor inside. The wing can not be more than 50 centimeters. The stabilizer span has to be less than 35 centimeters. You have to use the 50 centimeters to 12 centimeters ratio to maximize the stabilizer cord.

If you want to make a CO2 car and compete, you need to have at least 3mm of wood around the CO2 chamber. The minimum car mass without the CO2 cartridge needs to be 35 grams or more. The minimum car length needs to be 200mm or more in order to be compete.

If you want to be in the egg drop competition you need to have a device taped. It must be built by the materials given. tools given are 12 inch ruler, scissors and a pencil.

To build a mousetrap car and compete you must have wood, a mousetrap, tape, string, wheels, and a axil. All energy must come from the mousetrap spring. Each participant has two attemps to get as far as they can.

To build and compete in the bottle rocket competition you need to have tape, plastic, string, fins, and something to weigh down the bottle. All bottles rocket must be launched at the same pressure 65.

To compete in the balsa wood bridge competition all bridges need to be built by the person that is showing the bridge. There is no lamination allowed in the competition which means that two pieces of wood side by side glued together.

In the toothpick competition use must have only one material that is usable from the Saw Lumber Company. The competition will be based on the strength and building plans of the bridge.

The creative problem competition that is consist of a group of four people. In this competition each team is assigned a problem to solve.

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