Fall 2019

Inside This Issue:
  • Customer Stories: AGCO customers share best practices about living their best lives on the land.
  • Agronomy Plus: Advice from experts for a tough year on the farm.
  • Trending: The road to recovery for damaged cropland.
AGCO customers share best practices about living their best lives on the land.

Bales, Bovine and Barn Ball

In the heart of basketball country, this family farm builds a direct-to-consumer business based on premium product and Hoosier spirit.

“You’ve seen the movie ‘Hoosiers,’ right?” says Tom Waitt, standing on a concrete pad in the shadow of a basketball goal. Jersey cows roam on pasture behind him on the 200-acre Dandy Breeze Farm he and wife Sally have called home for 30 years. “If you live in Indiana, you’ve seen it.”

Tractor Plus Silage Baler: “Everything I Need To Do My Job”

The Massey Ferguson 4160V Round Baler is heavy and heavy-duty—and a perfect match for the MF6713. See how Tom Waitt uses the combo on his farm as a "small farmer's combine." SEE THE STORY >>

Modern Milkmen of Oakridge Dairy

A rotary milking parlor, environmental responsibility, and the idea to supply milk direct to consumer are the new notions driving change at a dairy whose history dates back more than a century.

At Oakridge Dairy, Seth Bahler ran the numbers and set an ambitious goal: the dairy, he believed, could grow from 1,700 cows to 2,600, while at the same time expanding crop acreage by more than 50%. Getting there, though, would require embracing new techniques.

Our experts share solutions for getting the most from your equipment, and the most ROI.

Field Data Drives Agronomy Decisions, and Your Farm’s ROI

Connectivity between farm equipment in the field is key to accessing the real-time and historical data you need to guide production choices and document results.

Comparing Tillage Methods in a Tough Year for Corn and Beans

The AGCO Crop Tour and Precision Technology Institute tillage plots mirror the wet-soil challenges many Midwest growers faced last spring.

Topics that shape agriculture and your life on the land.

The Road to Recovery for 2019 Cropland

Whether prevented-planted or late-planted, many crop fields need special care going forward after an extremely tough weather year. Experts share advice for what’s next for best practices this fall and beyond.

AGCO Equipment Solutions for a Challenging Year on the Farm

Equipment and technology solutions from AGCO can help with harvest, grain conditioning, soil health and more after a tough year on the farm in 2019. SEE THE STORY >>

Top 7 Tips for Direct-Marketing Your Farm Products

Raising quality produce and livestock is not enough to make sure your farm is successful.

Preserving a Legacy of Excellence in Ag Equipment

Massey Ferguson customers are a loyal bunch. That’s what you get when a company engineers more than 160 years of equipment excellence and innovation.