Should technology be an educational resource By Lithika Senthil Kumar

Should technology be an educational resourse?

Technology as a resource

I think yes, it should be an educational resource. The art of writing is an important skill but now typing is an essential skill too. Our knowledge can be far reaching with the use of internet, for example we do not have to travel to London to learn its history, we can read it all with a click of a mouse. Imagine you noticed a weird-looking bruise on your arm and you saw it only late in the night. Before Internet, you would be worried and decide to go the Emergency Department at the wee hours of night or spend an anxious night and wait to go to see your doctor in the morning, but if you had internet you could research what the rash might be and get a rough idea on how serious it is and decide if you need to see a doctor straightaway or wait till morning. My reasons below state more reasons why technology should be a learning resource.

There seems to be a lot of information online but all this comes from millions of books. And too be honest we all can't be bothered reading something we don't want to especially if it's for a long and boring essay that is due next week.But in stead of going through all that information we can simply go online and usually find all the answers you need there. This information is always updated and there is a lot more information you can read on one website there is in ten different textbooks. This means that if we want to read an online article we will probably learn something new that we could include and get better marks this means more knowledge which means brighter future. And the more communication would also improve grades.


Have you ever been in a situation where you just can't answer a question because you don't understand and your parents don't either, well in the days of yore you had to wait until the next day ( but if it was due the next day you can't do anything about it) But now all you can do is Putin your teachers email and ask them what you question means and they will clear it up for you. But if they don't reply all you do is go on to a online tutor site and ask your question there.

We always have so much technology around us. From a phone to a laptop they are constantly making our lives better. Like our phone are drop proof from a small height and are also water proof and are coming out more and more sophisticated each year. If we use different kinds of technology and learn all the tricks and glitches it would be easier to get a job in computing in the future. We need to work with advanced technology to fit our growing knowledge.

On the holidays you have homework assigned from your teacher and you can't ask them because they're all busy and your parents do not know the answer, so you need a plan C. In the old days you couldn't do anything but wait until the next day but now we are here and we have a heap of technology all you need to do is go online and get all your doubts cleared with an online tutor, or som other site that helps with your questions so simple! The best part is that there are so many websites that can help you with any subject so it's not that hard to find a site that can help and it's FREE!!! This can also apply to an assignment, when you don't understand what a part means.

When you have a HASS assignment and you need to know the history of the person or place it's a good idea to go back and forth to the library and borrow ten to fifteen books about the topic because it could be something that is a primary source or maybe a secondary, but the easier alternative is to research on your device at home.There are so many sites that can answer ten of your questions in a few pages and enough detail to understand, the simple way is to go on a device but there is always point where there is too much screen time but there are also apps to prevent that.

Writing is an important role in society and especially in schools but carrying ten writing books and textbooks is absolutely ridiculous. The weight is unbearable carrying a heavy bag will cause pain in your back or shoulders. And that in the future can prevent you from doing a lot of things you can do now for example you can instead carry five small books for each subject and one device for all your text books and all your sports gear or what ever else you need in a day in a seperate small bag. The art of typing is important so we should always use a device in each and every class.

Typing properly is now an essential skill. Hand writing will one day become as old as writing with a dip pen or the quill is now. If you cannot type fast and accurately you cannot get very far in a job or at school where you need to type notes really fast. The point is that typing is a very important skill if you cannot do it correctly you can't go very far because typing is important and everything is now electronically written as a good copy. The main reason is that technology is important for our future

As you can see from my reasons above, schools definitely depend on technology. To quench our thirst for knowledge technology is vital as an educational resource. This will help with out with our future job and our learning now. I hope you agree and just think where would we all be with out technology?

By Lithika 😊


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