Mitosis and Meiosis

Normal cells go through mitosis to replicate, sex cells do the same thing except replicate twice because sex cells are haploid and only contain half the chromosomes 23. In PMAT I, the chromosomes share genetic information through Homogulous Chromosome Crossover at the Chiasma.

Prophase I

Metaphase I

Anaphase I

Telophase I

This is an image of two cells splitting

Those are the stages of Mitosis, but in Meiosis something special happens, it goes through "PMAT" twice

Prophase II

Metaphase II

Anaphase II

Telophase II

Haploid cell

A haploid cell is a cell containing half the amount of chromosomes as a normal cell, haploid cells contain 23 chromosomes while diploid cells contain 46.

The chromosomes share genetic information that is why we don't look exactly like one of our parents, but a combination of both.

The point of crossover is called the Chiasma

Sparkpage by Nicholas Samaritano

Biology Razzano Periods 3 and 4

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