Orchard Lisle Living Wall London, united kingdom

PROJECT OVERVIEW: The latest methods in horticultural and environmental design have been used to provide greenery and guide people along a clean air route in the busy, historic, urban setting of London Bridge. The choice of 73 native and non-native species, combined with bat, bird and bee boxes, is carefully curated to provide year-round biodiversity impact and increased insect population. Variations in plant size allow air to pass through the dense foliage, which acts as an urban air filter. Plants with hairy, waxy or sticky leaves trap particulates in a polluted part of London. Rainwater from the building’s roof flows into a tank and is used to irrigate the plants. Any excess water drains back into the tank to be re-used. The Living Wall is part of a ‘Low Emission Neighborhood’ initiative, supported by the Mayor of London, and is inspiring green business practices like reduced deliveries, removal of parking and a zero-waste shop.

CATEGORY: Professional SETTING: Urban STATUS: Completed project

BY: Team London Bridge

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Team London Bridge, a Business Improvement District, engages with its business and wider community to link them up to local initiatives, encourage volunteering and learn about the local area. The wall has become a feature of ‘Love lunch’ sessions, where staff are encouraged to take advantage of the area during their lunch-break, as well as a regular stop on led walks in the area. A horticulturalist explains to groups which plants are doing well, what insects or birds have been found and how the wall’s biodiversity is evolving. Students running the neighbouring waste-free shop can pass an explanatory leaflet to people that show interest, and events are promoted to the adjoining hospital to encourage use of the wall as a health resource for staff and patients. As one nurse said, “the wall gives me a moment of respite during a stressful day in the ward”

PARTNERS: We are partnering with London Bridge Medical Campus partners, who own the wall, have removed parking, support the ongoing costs and have set up the zero-waste shop. Scotscape has built the living wall and run engagement sessions through their ongoing horticultural work. They are supported by Untitled Practice who continue to provide landscape design guidance to create a green, clean route in this back-street. The project is supported financially by the Mayor of London, in partnership with Better Bankside, our neighbouring business improvement district, with which we are creating a clean air route.