Andrew Jackson a Villian? By:Christian flores

Andrew Jackson was seen as a good president because he wanted to represent the people (white citizens) but in this way of presidency he got many lives taken and many scared of what he was gonna do.

"I flatter myself that Mr Bell will do justice to the interesting subject committed to his charge as Chairman of the committee of Indian Affairs— The removal of the Indians would be an act of seeming violence—But it will prove in the end an act of enlarged philanthropy. These untutored sons of the Forest, cannot exist in a state of Independence, in the vicinity of the white man. If they will persist in remaining where they are, they may begin to dig their graves and prepare to die."

This quote is from Alfred Balch to Andrew Jackson about how the native americans can not live with Americans/Colonists. The Indian Removal act put natives on a journey also known as the Trail of Tears to new unfamiliar lands. This was a terrible part of Jacksons decisions because this endangered the many of the native lives and was seen as cruel to many.

"Andrew Jacksons Face on a Donkey"

Many of these acts that Jackson has made are seen as cruel and unjustified for many of the natives that were harmed so in the end Jackson is a villian to many.

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