Soccer The most popular sport in the world

Soccer can be started at any age and is encouraged cause it's better to get your kids running and exercising than staying at home and not doing anything, it's a cooperative sport and you may see friends from school or even make new friends in the process.
This here is a corner kick. It happens when your team kicks the ball out past the goal line, gen the opposing team gets to kick the ball from the corner of the field on your side, they have the opportunity to pass the ball to one of their temates or even shoot the ball, most likely they'll pass the ball because it's really hard to score with a corner kick.
Anytime a team kicks the ball out of the field on the sidelines one of the teams gets to throw in the ball. In order to do a thrown in you have to have both feet on the ground and use both hands over your head to throw it, you cannot ever lift up your foot or feet while throwing the ball. This is the one time youll be able to use your hands in a game other than if your a goalie.
If a teammate or a person on the other team gets injured one team gets a free kick, the other team has to be at least 15 feet away from you when you a take a free kick. If you get injured inside the goalie box then you get a penalty kick which is close to the goalie of the other teammates goalie. When you take a penalty kick no one can interrupt you and you get a free shot on their goalie and can score from it.


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