Introduction to UX Design Tariq Butt's Learning Journal

Workshop 1 - Creating a Wireframe Design

The fictional summer event I chose was a documentary film festival. I thought this would allow me to explore navigation systems based on films, filmmakers and menus. I found XD mostly intuitive and easy to use, but I have always had a problem keeping wireframes thin. Hopefully, I was able to do that successfully in this activity instead of producing prototypes. The wireframes are available for review at the link below:

Documentary Film Festival Wireframes

WORKSHOP 2 - Creating a proTotype of the App

The move from wireframe to prototype took longer than I had anticipated. Adobe XD was frustrating at first, but the job became easier once I figured out that the best way to create a prototype of the app was to have a template for each type of screen and ‚Äčthen populate the screen with the unique elements. I have the prototype working the way I would like and have kept the visual flashiness at a manageable level. This has allowed me to keep the UX appealing while providing the user navigation options as well as actions.

Documentary Film Festival Prototype


Created with an image by UX Store - "untitled image"