The Trojan War Myth vs. fact By Melanie Peter


The beginning of Homers story/predicted myth starts in 1184 BC. After Paris of Sparta was kidnapped by Helen of Troy both Troy and Greece went to war. These city's each had different gods on their side. Troy is legend to be built by Poseidon and Apollo, while the other gods that sided with them are Apollo, Artemis, Ares, and Aphrodite. The gods that sided with Sparta were Hera, Athena, Poseidon, Hermes, and Hephaestus. This war supposedly lasted 10 years until the destruction of Troy. After Greeks departed on ships and left a "peace offering " of a huge wooden horse that hid a large amount of soilders the Trojan's brought it into their city not knowing the consequences. While the Trojen's were celebrating their victory Spartans climbed out of the horses stomach and killed all the guards while they were drunk. After this the aftermath was devastating. Spartans set fire to the city burning it to the ground becoming the winners of The Trojan War.

This image shows the ongoing destruction of Troy city.


1750-1300 BC is the factual prediction of when the Trojan War happened. The only knowledge archeologists know about he war is Homer's book "The Odyssey." However it has been hard to find the exact place of Troy.It is hard to quite believe Homer is not just making up a war and that it's actually based on true events. There is no evidence to support that neither Paris, Hector, King Menelaus, Helen, or Agamemnon ever existed. Nevertheless archeologists have now found the city after many attempts. They are able to know this is Troy based on Homer's descriptions. They have found no trace of the Trojan horse which can mean that their is no evidence left after so long or that this piece of the story is fiction.

The Trojan War has many peices that still need to come together in order for the war to be believable. Archeologists are still researching about Troy and Greece and dimeing new things all the time to fit the peices of this civilization together.


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