George Washington America's Ambition (by Ava Kelley)

Why is Washington a good leader for America?

George Washington will be a great leader for our country. He already has past experience, like the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army, he fought in the American Revolution and lead other soldiers, and he was also the leader of the group that wrote the Constitution. He will make America the best country.

What will his cabinet do to help?

His cabinet is experienced as well, and will do a great job helping George Washington run the country. His cabinet includes Henry Knox (Secretary of War), Thomas Jefferson (Secretary of State), John Adams (Vice President), Alexander Hamilton (Secretary of Treasury), and Edmund Randolph (Attorney General). They will help Washington make decisions, get things done, and be in charge of things that Washington won't have to worry about.

Washington's Cabinet

Why will Jefferson and Hamilton be great cabinet picks?

Jefferson and Hamilton have already proved themselves to do great things, so in Washington's cabinet, they will do great things for America. Alexander Hamilton was a member of the Continental Congress, and an author of the Federalist Papers. This shows that he already understands how he can help run the country. Thomas Jefferson attended the Continental Congress as well, and contributed to the Constitution. He was also the governor of Virginia. Since Jefferson and Hamilton already have experience in America's politics, they will be great cabinet picks and help Washington during his presidency.

Why is the elastic clause vital for the country?

The elastic clause is a part of the Constitution that gives Congress the power to make any necessary and proper laws that follow the Constitution. This is vital for the country because if we have a Constitution or Bill of Rights, we need to ensure that all of the rules on that list are followed and people have the rights it states. Congress needs the power to enforce the Constitution in order for the country to run smoothly.

The Constitution

How will Washington and Hamilton get us out of debt?

To get the country out of debt, Washington and Hamilton will first pay off all of the war debts, then pay off the government revenues, and then create a national bank. A national bank will help to balance America's economy. Tariffs will generate money into the country by making foreign goods more expensive so more people will buy goods from America.

Alexander Hamilton & George Washington

Why is D.C. a good location for the capital of the U.S.?

D.C. is a good location for the capital of the U.S. because it is in the center of the country. It is in the middle of the north and south, which settles disagreements about whether it should be near the north to resume the federal government paying off war debt, or near the south to be near agriculture. D.C. was also destroyed before, so that means it can be a distinct point in the country if it is refurbished well and made into a great capital for the country.

The White House
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