The Falling Rocks By: Mikie

“The rocks are coming straight for us!”

A day in the mountains. In our town, the mountains tower over the eastward view. They have no problem towering over the town. Because of this, the sun will be blocked for quite some time. This town won't see any sight of light until around 10:00 AM. It can be quite annoying, especially in the winter. The smell of the fresh thin air may make your nose or lungs tingle a bit. The ground has a rocky touch to it. Temperatures don't reach above 70 degrees. In the winter, temps can plummet below 0. This town always has the sound of the birds and the breeze.

Hi, I'm Jenny, and I live with my dad sister and brother, Olivia and Jack. We also have a golden retriever named Goldie. My mom is always on constant business trips. When she is here with us, she will only here for a week or two before she leaves again. My dad is always here for us. He is very kind and wise. I Truly love my dad and so do Jack and Olivia. He’s the best. My mom is strict and she is the one who sets the rules. My dad does follow up on these rules but we don't break them often.

I woke up. It was 9:00 AM. Today was Saturday which meant no school. It was dark outside. I got out of bed and went downstairs. Today was my turn to let the dog out. As I walk walking outside I heard the noise of rolling rocks. Soon after, I saw some stones coming down the mountain and into the lake. I wondered why that had happened. I soon returned home. My dad fed the dog as I sat down for breakfast. We turned on the radio. We soon heard some scary news. Our town was under watch for falling rocks. Uh oh, I thought. If the rocks fall were doomed, Especially if they go into the lake. Oh I don't like this at all. I don't want to die today.That got me worried. Olivia started to have one of her panic attacks. My dad got her inhaler and she soon calmed down.

I went outside and it was definitely cooler than it was this morning. The sun was slowly rising but some dark clouds that were coal were blocking it. I went back in.

“Dad what's the weather for today?” I asked.

“There's a good chance of a thunderstorm today with high winds.” My dad stated.

“It's also supposed to last all day.”

Storms here are menacing, a big dragon in the sky. They have high winds and rain pours down like when you take a shower but more powerful. The lake rises up and the eastern side of town gets flooded. It's best to stay inside. The power will usually go out. The storms will last for hours.

High winds I thought, high winds mean that the rocks may loosen.

It was such a gloomy day. Today also had a scary feeling to it. Dark clouds, high winds, threat of falling rocks it was a terrible day to be here. The watch had turned into a warning. Once a watch goes into a warning, the event will most likely happen which made today even worse. Today was no day for play, Today was a day to worry.

“Dad, will the storm loosen the rocks? I asked

“We’re not sure yet but hopefully not.” My dad said with a nervous tone.

My brother went outside to check the weather. He soon came back

“Wind is probably about 25-30 MPH now.” Jack exclaimed.

“Rain is starting to fall too.

The storm was now fierce. Winds were at least 50 MPH and the rain banged on the window desperate to come in. I was in the living room when the power cut. This was expected. When the storm let us, the power would be fixed and it would be back on tomorrow. The thunder rumbled. Many thoughts were running through my head. Rocks+Lake= mega tsunami. Rocks can come down and miss the lake but cause havoc on the town. If an earthquake came it would be the end. I heard some rushing rocks coming down the mountain. They fell into the lake and probably a 10 foot wave came across town. It reached our house and our basement started to fill with water. My sister was down there with my brother. They soon come up looking for dad. But he wasn't there.

“Where's Dad!?” Olivia questioned nervously and loudly.

“I don't know!” Jack yelped.

We decided to look in our basement crawl space which we've never been In. There have been rumors about people disappearing in this house and ending up in the crawl space. There is also a rumor about how if you open the door something bad will happen. I slowly crept to the door. I hesitated. What could be in there. A bad thing will happen if you open this door. That is what the rumor stated. Why am I doing this? Why? I know I have to open it but what I something bad happens to me. I slowly opened the door. I didn't know what to expect. What I found was my dad tied down to the floor. He saw me and we got him up. But than we were treated by a rumble and our house was starting to shake. We looked out the window. There were rocks flying down the mountain. There were getting closer by the second.

“ROCKSLIDE!” My brother screamed.

“The rocks are coming straight for us!” I yelped.

My dad ran outside to get the rock slide barricade. My dad is so brave. I thought. I wondered if he would make it in time. I was scared and didn't want to go outside. “But he is so brave to do that” I whispered. I needed to help. I ran outside and ran to dad. We together got the barricade. The rocks had reached the bottom. They started to plow through town, damaging houses and buildings, some were destroyed. People putting up barricades and running. The rocks were slowing down. We put up our barricade and rocks hit the barricade and not us. We had made it just in time. If I didn't help the rocks would have hit us.

We soon found out that an earthquake had loosened the rocks. This town took no action against it even though we knew about it. Now look what has happened. This town needs repairing. If we had patched the rocks back up this may have never happened. At least the big portion of the rocks didn't go into the lake. I thought. Let's hope that this doesn't happen again.

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