Degenerate XXX The worldly perspective of an outsider

She is the best thing and worst thing about being alive. Have you ever met someone like that? Worst part is she doesn't know. She doesn't know how much i aim to please her, to impress her, to look good for her. I just want to hold her, feel the imprint of her fingers touching my lips. Unravel in her hands running throughout my short curls that takes me 2 days exactly to perfect. I want her to tell me how she has never felt this way. For her to tremble and shake in excitement as she tells me she is nervous, how she has never done this before as she devours every inch of my face. Her lips, oooooh those lips. They can spit words of wisdom or venom. But everything around her is real. Too real. It is a one way attraction between her and I. The more i try and keep her close she pulls away. I wonder if she will truly miss me. Where am I going? That will be explained later but welcome. Welcome to my misadventures in life, my failures, and my personal thoughts. Just call me X. Everything you read here is REAL. The feelings, emotions, thoughts, and actions. Welcome inside my life. After all, there is nothing America enjoys more than the pain of others right?

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