LaLa Land Tamia Goode


Just as a democracy, LaLa Land is ran on a "voting by the people" system. When the country first originated they had a queen. Every seven years, the people are able to vote for a new queen or king.
The LaLa Land flag has a burgundy base with three white stripes. The stripes represent "The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost". Which means that the only two religions within LaLa Land are christian or islamic.

National Anthem

We are the people of LaLa Land.

The united land under our amazing God.

With equal rights and very little fights,

we stand together faithfully.

LaLa Land is based only on a middle and upper class structure. Economically every person who is graduated from high school automatically has a job. Children still in school who are sixteen and older may choose to work on their own terms.

The Pink Woods is a piece of land that was given to LaLa Land by an ancient queen from 1800bc. The vegetation within the land is said to be pink from dye the Queen put into the soil.


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