Activity #1 Biases in Testimony (pt. 1)

Who did it?

We will divide the emissaries into groups of ten to participate in different activities. These three groups think that they are all going to go climbing, hiking or swimming. At this precise moment, different staff members enact a crime scene. The idea is to simulate a real situation, where the crime happens when you were not expecting it.

How did they look like?

Part 1

After a crime happens, if it's in public, the information that each individual traces about the subject might be affected by other people’s perceptions, too. In this exercise, kids are going to be introduced to the process of identification of a subject. They will first have to draw their subject, by pointing out visual information they were able to perceive about this subject. Then they are going to exchange these drawings with other students. They will finally assess themselves to see if their perception of the individual changed or not.

What did they look like?

Part 2

After the drawing session, the emissaries will presumably realize that each of them has different opinions, perceptions and ideas of who it was. They will be given pen and paper to write down the possible details that they weren’t able to notice from the subject, that other people told them along the way. At the end of the activity, they will realize that they have a list of details that they did not notice, and they are going to be asked if all these new details actually changed their perception or not.

The idea is to make the emissaries understand how retelling a story many times might affect one’s memory of that story.

After the activity...

While the group is taken to a 30 minute meal break, the descriptions the kids wrote will be collected and visualized in poster format.


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