Science- Gaven By: Gaven collins

Photosynthesis is the process of plants that they do to make glucose and release oxygen. They start this process from the energy they get from the sun, also known as light energy. They also need some other key components. One of these is water. They use the water for the molecules in the water. Which is h which is hydrogen it needs two hydrogen molecules to make water with one oxygen atom which makes up H2O. Us humans breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. While plants do the opposite the breathe in carbon dioxide through the stomata and they and plants breath out oxygen through their stomata to, oxygen is another key element. The oxygen then goes and mixes with chlorophyll and some other stuff and then it makes glucose and oxygen. The formul for that is C6H12O6.

Plant taking in light energy.

Roots sucking up water.

Plants breathes out oxygen and breathes in co2

Plants breathing in and out of stoma.

The stoma is closed and nothing gets in or out

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