Center Parcs Proposed forest holiday village development

Our locations

Center Parcs operates six high-quality short break destinations across the UK and Ireland:

Our business

  • As the UK's leading short break holiday operator, Center Parcs enjoys average annual occupancy rates of 97%, welcoming 2.2 million guests each year.
  • Center Parcs offers midweek and weekend breaks in a natural woodland setting, 365 days a year. Guests are able to arrive and depart on Mondays and Fridays. The vast majority of guests do not leave the site during their break.
  • Center Parcs enjoys very strong brand loyalty, with 54% of guests returning within five years and 34% within 14 months.
  • 96% of guests rate their break as excellent or very good.
  • Center Parcs UK has been owned by the investment funds advised by Brookfield Asset Management Inc. since 2015.
  • Center Parcs UK is a separate business to Center Parcs Europe - whilst we share a brand name, the business and operations are not related.

The Center Parcs experience

  • Center Parcs provides the perfect place for families and friends to spend a short break together in high-quality accommodation within a beautiful and secluded woodland setting.
  • Center Parcs offers more than 150 activities, both indoors and outdoors.
  • The heart of each Center Parcs village is the Subtropical Swimming Paradise, which includes flumes and rides, a wave pool and children's areas.
  • Center Parcs offers a range of accommodation, from one-bedroom apartments to four-bedroom lodges and Treehouses.
  • Center Parcs offers a wide range of restaurants and cafés, including a mixture of own concept restaurants and high street concessions, as well as a range of retail outlets.
  • Each village has an Aqua Sana Spa, inspired by the natural world and offering a wide range of luxurious spa treatments and experience rooms. Aqua Sana is open to guests on a Center Parcs break and guests visiting for a spa day or overnight spa break.

The economic impact

  • Center Parcs employs almost 9,000 people across its six villages and Head Office, with a wide range of employment opportunities and the potential for career progression. These jobs are permanent, full- and part-time jobs across a range of areas including accommodation services, retail, leisure and food & beverage.
  • At our most recently opened UK village, Woburn Forest in Bedfordshire, the vast majority of our employees live within 15 miles of the site.
  • We aim to use local suppliers, both for construction and when operational, where possible.
  • We estimate that a new Center Parcs village will inject approximately £40m into the local economy per annum.

Protecting the environment

  • Each village is set in approximately 400 acres of woodland. Center Parcs has a proven track record of enhancing woodland and creating areas rich in biodiversity.
  • Our villages are carefully designed to be sensitively set within the woodland, with minimum impact on the surroundings.
  • During construction, we only remove a small percentage of trees, carefully selected to allow light to reach the forest floor and encourage both flora and fauna. We take great care to protect trees and sensitive areas through our construction environmental management plan.

The proposed forest holiday village development

The area is known locally as Oldhouse Warren. It is located off Balcombe Road, Worth, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 7RZ. The location was chosen because of its excellent transport links with the M23, M25, M3 and M20 and good public transport links with Crawley Railway Station.

Size: 553 acres

Jobs created during construction: Approx. 1,000

Cost of construction: £350m-£400m

Permanent jobs created once operational: Approx. 1,500

Proposed number of lodges: Maximum of 900

Estimated number of guests per break: Approx. 4,500