OTZI A mummy who had the most coolest features

This is about an mummy who was found by two hiker's. They are still not that sure how Otzi the iceman died but, they have some ideas of how he died. I personally think that he died because he froze to death. Otzi is not the first human mummy to be found but, he is the coolest mummy that has been found. The Austrians and the Italians didn't know which one should investigate because they found the mummy right on the border and they would argue that the Austrians want to investigate but, the Italians argued as well. Otzi had over 61 tattoos. Some this the scientist and other people think about how Otzi died. 1. frozen to death 2. heat disease 3. Accidentally shot 4. head injury. I think he died because he froze to death i think that because when they found him he was covered in ice and snow. His axes helped the scientist find how old it was because it was an old fashion axes.

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Karmanpreet Grewal

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