Aino's Learning Journal MArch 16th-27th

My reading

My times tables

Starting point: I know the following tables: 0x, 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 11x, 12x

Monday, March 16: practice 3x (almost there), 4x (practice needed)

Tuesday, March 17; practice 3x (90% there)

Wednesday, March 18: practice 3x (I know it all!)

Thursday, March 19; practice 4x (80% there)

Friday, March 20: practice 4x (I know it all!)

Monday, March 23: revision 3x, 4x & 12x

Tuesday, March 24: 6x (70% there)

Wednesday, March 25: 6x (85% there)

Thursday, March 26: 6x (90% there)

Friday, March 27: practice 6x (I know it all!)

Monday 16th, March

Our first day at home; we agreed a routine and schedule for the week. We have outdoor time, homework time, creative time, our own time and play time.

Mum and dad are both working from home.

As we were waiting information from school, we did lots of reading, times tables, maths and revisited the high frequency words!

Tomorrow we start going through the exercises and projects sent by Mrs. Kinghorn and Miss Horan.

Tuesday, 17th, March

Maths - worksheet 13 (from Monday)

Letter to Mr. Shackleton.

Geography: Antarctic Animals worksheet (digitally)

This polar bear has adapted to live in Antarctica by having a white fur.

This penguin has adapted to live in Antarctica by having swimming skills.

This whale has adapted to live in Antarctica by having lots of fat keeping them warm.

This fish has adapted to live in Antarctica... they love cold water.

We also started practicing the spellings; 3 words a day!

Today's words: wrote, these, parade

Wednesday 18th, March

Maths - worksheet 14 (from Tuesday)

Descriptive writing about sea: part 1, planning

Looked at the sea pictures, discussed sea (what it looks like, how it changes and what can you do on the sea) with my mum. We also discussed what descriptive writing means.

Science: opaque, transparent and translucent

We looked at different things at home and what is opaque, transparent and translucent - see below what I found!


my iphone
my card
pen box


mummy's sun glasses
Anni's wings


washing machine door

And then, the spellings!

Today's words: survive, realise, decide

Thursday 19th, March

Maths review; money (30 minutes)

Descriptive writing about sea: part 2, improving

Looking at different ways to improve the text written yesterday.

Today's spelling words: athlete, exercise & describe.

Friday 20th, March

Descriptive writing about sea: part 3, independent writing 40 minutes (half termly writing assessment)

Today's spelling words: complete, envelope & concentrate.


I really enjoyed Miss Sampson's videos for sing-along and I had my first ever virtual piano lesson with Alison!

Purple people Eater

Maggon the dragon

Getting ready for the first virtual piano lesson
It works!

Weekend (homework)

Two homework tasks from the PP£ Homework Grid (Spring 2)

Task 5. Sundial.

I made a sun dial from an old CD with my dad. It works!

Task 2. Animal diagram.

I chose dolphin.

Monday 23rd, March

Morning chat with friends

My mum set up a Zoom room for all of us and we started the day at 08:30 saying hello to our friends.

Will be doing this every morning!

Similes and metaphors

Mum told me what simile and metaphor means and I completed the two worksheets (almost all on the second...)

Maths: telling time (worksheets 1&2)

We discussed what does a.m. and p.m. mean and how to read the clock (first the short hand and then the long).

Spelling test: 8/12.

We also tested the fourth column of the 'high frequency words' and I got all right!

Tuesday 24rd, March

Maths: telling time (worksheets 3&4)

Easter Word Bank

Science: Shadows

We started discussing the shadows and measuring its length at different times of the day.

I know that the shadow would be different during different times of the day. I thought that the shadow would be longest in the evening when the sun had been up the longest.

We will tell you the results tomorrow: I want to measure them on second day to be sure!

Started with new spellings. Today's spelling words: nectar, pollen & absorb.

Wednesday 25th, March

Morning check-in with my friends

Maths: telling time (worksheet 5)

I can tell the time and know a.m. & p.m. I need some practice with 'past' & 'to'.

Music: different rests

We do not have a printer and struggled a bit initially to get on with this, but decided to do the drawing in traditional way and the second part with digital pen :)

I also had my second virtual piano lesson with Alison!

Science: Shadows (results)

The results were different than I thought. The shadow was longest in the morning, not in the evening as I thought.

9:00 a.m. >> 2m 5cm

11:00 a.m. >> 1m 70cm

1:00 p.m. >> 1m 95cm

3:00 p.m. >> 1m 87cm

5:00 p.m. >> no sun in our garden

Easter Poem Planning

I decided to do a shape poem - shaped like in Easter Egg.

Today's spelling words: anchor, temperature & nutrition.

Thursday 26th, March

Maths: telling time (worksheets 6)

We found an old book about telling time and this was helping! Need a bit more practice with this.


My own animal that has adapted to live in Antarctica. A Jelly-fish!

Easter Poem

Today's spelling words: shelter, Germany & evacuee

Friday 27th, March

Music: we started the morning with all the new 5 songs from Miss. Sampson!

Maths: telling time

We continued to practice... '31 minutes past 1' is the same than '29 minutes to 2'

Last spelling words for the week: country, ration & suitcase.

Reciting the Easter Poem that was planned and written earlier this week.

And lastly, art - drawing beautiful flowers outside. Happy Easter!

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