The Colony of Virginia

{}{}The Colony Of Virginia{}{}

the colonization of virginia

just before dawn on april 26,1607. 3 ships sailed out of a terrible storm. They arrived at what they call the new world.(aka the united states of america now days) 144 rode on the ship but 44 died and there was only 100 left. they spent 4 months trying to get there from the Atlantic ocean. They made that journey to just get rich!

They steered the ships into a mouth of a deep river. and named teir colony jamestown because of their king king james 1. THe wter was so deep the could tie their boats to trees. They decided to settle there. they built a fort of logs they found from nearby trees. They formed it into a triangle to protect them from indians.

John smith a english farmboy dreamed of adventure he read the legends on king aurthur. john Smith had a big part in forming the colony then he be the Leader.

this the team of the INDIANS!!!!!!!!!!!1 im not sure if they are tho

John smiths efforts to build houses and trade with indians were not too good. The wheat didn't grow and also they weren't ready for summer and 120 more colonists arrived with food.

what they making for dinner im hungry.

No one foun gold but there was a thing that sold like gold its tabacco most people liked smoking tobacco out of pipes. by 1638 they sold a lot over 500 thousand pounds of tobbaco every 364 days a year

eww tabacco

The year 1619 was the most important day of the year because ships would carry wives for men after that the place grew and then tabacco sold more.

in 1619 a dutch ship finally brought blacks to virginia. to get tabacco under brutal conditions after 1649 blacks couldnt own land for the upcoming 175 years they came to work on tobacco as slaves but I wish they would stop slavery.

is this sackajewia i dont know its an indian tho or powhatan

People had revolutionary idieas about freedom. Thomas Jefferson was a person who belived people should govern them selves.

well patrick henry believed that the people also known as colonists shouldn't have to pay taxes to england because they didn't have laws england had.Patrick Henry Thomas Jefferson and the future presidents Goerge Washington and Benjamin harrison. they wanted independance from england. When he wrote the Declaration Of Indepenince they were with all the other colonies.

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