My Name A Vignette By Carli Tesini

My parents found my name in a book, a baby name book. And they liked it because it sounds Italian and my family is Italian, so it stuck. My full name-Carlina-is nicer because it rolls off your tongue and it sounds soft at the end, like waves lapping the shore of a beach. It tastes like caramel candy in your mouth, warm and bitter-sweet.

Sometimes my name isn’t as nice, like when my mother is mad at me and she shouts my name through the house. It echoes sharply and hurts your ears; it sounds like glass breaking on granite floors or the ripping of paper. The sound of it makes my stomach tight because I know it’s not good and I’m in trouble.

When I was little, I hated my name. I thought it was ugly because no one else shared it. It was mine, only mine, but I was too young to appreciate the beauty in this. I wanted to change my name to Belle after my favorite Disney princess. I told my mother one day as she was making lunch, and she laughed and told me I could change my name to whatever I wanted when I was older.

But now, as I have grown and learned more about this gift of uniqueness, I have learned to love my name. I celebrate how different and uncommon it is, and how this sets me apart in a good way. To this day, I have only found one other person who shares my full name, and this, I think, is a good thing.


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