Some say it's just a salvage yard. Some say it's a walk back in time. Some even say it's a museum. I see history. Relics, patiently waiting for someone to just stop and listen to their stories. Every time I return to spend time with these old iron road warriors I come away with new stories, insights into their lives lived long ago.

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I love to capture their essence, their spirit and their beauty. Just to share this all with you. Nothing gives me more satisfaction when other photographers join me on one of my Soul Road Trips, such as Old Car City, USA in White, Georgia. Not only do I get to share the exhilaration of a location like this, but to show folks how to make fine art imagery from the subjects like this is exciting and rewarding for me.

There are over 4500 cars, trucks, buses . . . all things automotive, just lying around, basking in the sun, wind and rain. Decaying to perfection. It's what I call Art in Decay. See if you don't agree.

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Famous Fins
Created By
Jeff Johnson


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