Gator Walk A walk tour at university of Florida

University of Florida has over 100 years of history, and is the flagship state university in Florida. Most of buildings at UF are surrounded by the famous red bricks.

University of Florida is filled with historical buildings, and the tallest one out of them all is the famous century tower. Build at 1953 with mostly red brick, the tower is measured at 148-foot-tall. In addition, the tower is equipped with 61 different size of bells, the smallest bell weights 26 pound while the biggest bell weights about 7000 pounds. These bells ring every 15 minutes from 8 am to 8 pm to remind students the time of the day and the tune of the rings is created by the formal chairman in department of music. Many students enjoy studying and drawing around the century tower.
If you are a sport fan, then you will love the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Build in 1930, the walk way in front of the stadium is covered with red bricks, many of these red bricks are curved with the name of the past students at UF. This stadium is also known as “The Swamp”, is the home field of Florida Gator football team. The stadium is ranked as the 12th biggest stadium is American college and has a capacity for 88548 people. However, football is not the only purpose of the stadium, there are often students that exercise in the stadium, and sometimes there are even students that bring their dog to play
When you become a part of the University of Florida, you will quickly learn about Library West. Constructed at 1967, Library west in One of the major library in UF and the only library in UF that opens 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, this library is equipped with computer, printer and anything you may need to study. The clever person that redesigned this building even included a Starbucks in the library. No matter day or night, this Library is always filled with students, and provide securities after 10 pm to make students feel safe. Library west is the home to many students.
Stephen C. O’Connell center is a multiple purpose arena, the name Stephen C. O’Connell comes from the 6th president of University of Florida. The arena is also known as the O’Dome, measured at 292000 square feet and equipped with a full-size basketball field for the UF basketball team. In addition, this arena host many different type of events on campus such as the University of Florida graduation ceremony, career fairs, concerts and more. This arena recent finished with its renovation at a cost of 64.5 million dollars with scoreboard that worth 2 million dollars. This building cost more than most of buildings in UF.
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