The weather. Or "the bloody weather" as it's more often called. We love nothing more than a good moan about the weather, it's too cold, it's too windy, it's too hot, there's not a breath of wind out there, why's it not snowing, this snow's a nightmare. Yes, us Scots love our weather. Four seasons in one day is the saying, you can get four seasons in 10 minutes in Scotland!


Lets start with the rain shall we? Pishing doon, stoatin' doon, hammerin' doon all viable descriptions for the Scottish rain. We get so much we hardly even notice it but it's not like say, an Indian monsoon, no we get much less interesting rain but now and again, we do get a nice downpour or dramatic cloudbursts.

Rain from Blackford Hill

The ideal situation is to be out the rain, looking at the rain, hopefully not in the path of the rain, which unfortunately I was taking this picture.

The same curtain of rain
A proper downpour

There I was huddled in a doorway in Chambers Street when this downpour hit. The camera was dead but after some careful coaxing I got one last shot out it and this was it.

Corner of Chambers Street and South Bridge

Rain on the Royal Mile

More rain on the Royal Mile!

But enough of rain, it doesn't rain all the time, sometimes it snows...

Edinburgh 2010 snow

Actually, Edinburgh doesn't get that much snow, the last decent snowfall was 2010 and since then it's been little more than short lasting sprinklings. Winters now are typically mild and wet, or they have been for the last few years but there's still the occasional dusting to send social media wild!

Snow falling fast from Arthur's Seat

Snow falling at the Forth Bridge

The Pentland Hills up by Harlaw

The frozen Union Canal in 2010

Scrappy my wee dug, quite likes the snow!

Although we've not seen much snow this winter we did get some incredible build ups of hoar frost in December. These were great in Princes Street Gardens where the sun didn't hit and large frosty fingers built up giving a little marketing opportunity.

"Thunderbolts and lightning very very frightening" sang Freddie Mercury but I say "bollocks to that Fred", it's the greatest weather we can have! We don't get much but it's the one thing that really really draws me in. I can spend hours pouring over forecasts, or waiting on some high viewpoint just for that elusive lightning shot and on July 2nd 2015, I got it. Sort of.

Oh yes... that is a trampoline in the foreground

These shots were taken about half 1 in the morning from my back garden capturing what was one the biggest storms we've had in years and it was awesome.

The last time we had a real biggie I was stuck in Sainsburys and couldn't get to the car the rain was so hard. By the time I got home for the camera I just caught the anvil cloud moving away.


If we don't get thunder and lightning much we do get a load of dramatic squalls. If you get up somewhere high you can get some incredible views of these self contained weather systems.

Various squalls in action

How do you photograph wind? Well, I tried! We're a windy country and while it's my least favoured weather condition, if you get some shelter you can get some dramatic images.

Windy conditions at Barns Ness lighthouse

Fog. We get a lot of fog. Most of it sweeping on of the North Sea, creeping over the East coast, up the Forth and spreading out over the city. Edinburgh can be totally fogged out and miserable in summer while 10 miles away the sun will shine all day. Annoying really.

Inversion fog at the Forth Bridge

Fog over the Crags and Hunters Bog

A light dusting of fog at the Forth Bridge

A pea souper at the Forth Bridge!

Fog bank rolling up the Forth from the Pentlands

Even more Forth Bridge fog!

Quirky weather displays, worth a look and don't happen all that often!

Narceous Coulds
Various rainbows
Noctilucent clouds over Leith
A lunar corona with Jupiter inside the corona!

I'll finish off with a little collection of big skies, you know the kind, the ones that make you go WOW!

BIG skies
Epic skies at Seafield
Impressive clouds over the bridges
Huge cloud structure from Silverknowes
Big clouds over Arthur's Seat

And finally, we finish off with one of the most jaw dropping skies I've seen in years over Edinburgh, taken last year from Arthur's Seat



All images available in print or canvas, enquires to grant@realedinburgh.co.uk

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Grant Ritchie


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