Colonial Medicine {And Sickness}

In the colonial days, a lot of people got sick.

Sick woman

Two kinds of sickness were yellow fever and heart disease.

Colonist also really liked sweets, so they had a lot of cavities.

Maple syrup candy

In the colonial days, medicine did not always work. A lot of people died.

People sometimes got bad headaches.

Medicine often tasted really bad. The colonists belived that the worse it tasted, the better.

Medicine tasted really bad.

Medicine was usually made from herbs, such as devil's dung, mint, foxglove, ect.

Every house had a garden full of herbs, in case someone got sick.

Most doctors were men, but usually a doctor was your mom.

Women making medicine

Some medicine that actually worked were learned from the Native Americans, such as chewing willow tree bark when you had a headache.

Willow tree

Many people did not get better. Aren't you lucky that you have good, yummy, medicine to take when you get sick?


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