Our Ecosestems Life olivia M. Greenfield

How are living things connected?

they are connected because every living and NONiving thing has a huge role. Even if one little thing is and ever gone it would have a hug effect on every thing connected and around it.One thing always has a effect on one thing or another.One thing depends on the thing that is gone and the whole food web would fall apart even if it was one little thing.

Theme Reader p.g-320,312,322,324 for info.

The woods are one or th most commen places we think about when we think of the word ''Connected."
What happens if something changes in the ecosestem?

Food webs and Food chains are very importent to the balance.The amont of animals in each part of the chains are also one of the most inportent part of the Food webs and chains. When one thing is extinct in one part of the world or Worldwide on will die or overpopulate.One ting for sure is that there has to be more herbivores ( like plants and flowers. ) But animals on the top of the chains have to be small.If one falls down the whole chain will fall with the animales.

What would happen if it all went down to this.
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