Landscape Painting

In this painting i see many different things such as a barn a tree a sky and a field. I would describe the barn in this painting as old, torn, worn down and used. The words i would use are colorful, very peaceful, calm, collected and beautiful.

This painting reminds me of a barn in a cow pasture beside my boyfriends house. I recognize a barn that is very old and weathered. This picture is different from real life because it is a painting not an actual figure I have seen in real life.

The barn and the tree seems closer to me than anything else in this painting. The colors in this painting are very opposite but they are also very close. I think i used lots of blue in this painting but also lots of green, red, brown and pink.

This painting would make the sounds of wind blowing and bird chirping because it is very peaceful and calm. I think it would be lonely to live in this place but also very nice and alone. In this painting i think not very many things are going on just very quiet with the sound of nature.

In this painting i think my barn was the best object. If I owned this work of art i would put it in a frame and use it as a living room or dining room decoration. I think some others might say this painting is amazing but some others say that it looks horrible.

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