ScrAPES Project By owen zucker


The Navajo Generating Station in Arizona is one of the biggest sources of pollution in the whole country, and it plans to close later this year. This is a big blow to the future of coal as the nations source of energy. The reason for this closing is based off of the cheapening on natural gases and the expensive coal prices. Natural gases are becoming more and more prevalent due to fracking. Compared to coal, natural gas pollutes the atmosphere with about half as much carbon dioxide when it is used to generate electricity. Beginning in the middle of the last decade, the fracking boom flooded the U.S. with cheap natural gas, driving prices down to 18-year lows in 2016. Energy companies like Tennessee Valley Authority and Duke Energy have been shutting down their own coal fired power plants over the past five years due to prices of natural gas and agreements made by the Environmental Protection Agency.

"The owners' decision to consider its future is based on the changing economics of energy — primarily the low cost of natural gas and other resources," said Scott Harelson, spokesman for the Salt River Project, Arizona's primary electric power company and one of the plant's owners. "Coal plants across the West face a variety of issues that their respective owners must face with respect to their ongoing operations that could lead to additional closings."


This movement is really important to the future of the Earth because the transition to natural gases is going to help control the effects of global warming. Trump has stated that he plans to bring back the coal business back into the economy. But what I wonder is, how does he plan to do this effectively. Natural gases are becoming very prominent in todays society because of movements and organizations like the EPA. They are not only cheaper than coal, but also better for the environment, so if he tries to reverse the progress made by switching to natural gases there would be a lot of outcry. He wants to bring back coal because it was a money maker for the owners and workers of each power plant, however, it's time to look to the future. Natural gases are the future, and Trump should know that.


The Navajo Power Plant closing is a big step in the right directions for environmentalists. All the pushing for natural gases to be the main source of energy has paid off. The atmosphere needs a lot of repairing, and the switch from coal to natural gases will help that switch. The economy and Trump will just have to deal with it, because it is the movement that is happening: Naturally.


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