Being 15 in Mexico BY adriana Portillo 8 period

Mexico the country that is in the middle of America and South America. Made up of 31 states and the national language being Spanish.

What it would like to be 15 in Mexico would be living in poverty most of the time and having a unique culture.

Being 15 in Mexico with a unique culture is fun.

A tradition would be to celebrate a girls turning 15 because it when they be turning into a women (Oretga)

Mexican food would mainly be based off rice, beans, spicy foods (Ortega)

Having a unique culture in Mexico is having traditions. For example, one of the traditions in Mexico would be having a quincenera.In this picture this girl is having her quince. A quince is the celebration of a young girl into a women at age 15.

"pay for the more formal uniforms can be difficult for some students"(Baumgart)

most of the time they don't have a chance to focus on studies because they have to work to provide for the family.(Baumgart)

Being 15 in Mexico while living in poverty may be hard because sometime it twill mean to work more and less forcing on studies in order to provide for the family or even paying for school.

This all connects all it together because Mexican people do traditions other people don't know which makes it unique and living in poverty is not always easy because you have to start working young.

In the end being 15 in Mexico is prideful and difficult, because showing all your unique traditions and the hard things you have to get through.
Through this process, by making connections , I understood that I should be proud of being a Mexican along with them .

By connecting to all the things of their culture connect to mine because i am Mexican too and i am pretty lucky to be living in America. For example i can connect to the people in Mexico in their food because all i eat here at home is Mexican food.

I am just lucky in general because i am not poverty and i am lucky o be here where i am now .

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