360 Videos: Lighting and Framing Blues


The following six videos were shot at Dundas Square in Toronto in the early morning of November 3, 2018. The device used was a Ricoh Theta V. I chose the early morning hour in order to avoid crowds at the popular location while still getting the benefit of catching the brightly lit square at its glitziest.

Overall, I found these videos captured the glitzy feel of Dundas Square quite well. The obvious fail were the blown out spots in about five areas. With a camera that runs on auto-exposure and allows no manual aperture and shutter speed controls, these spots are inevitable. However, if 360 cameras are going to keep with auto-exposure for the foreseeable future, then more accurate sensors are required that factor the 360 nature of the frame and adjust for greater variation in the lighting.

Overall, I find the Ricoh Theta V to be an excellent camera for low-light situations. However, it needs to develop better sensors to even out and reduce the amount of blow out as seen in the above videos. Are translucent hoods mounted on the lens a possible hack? This will be tried and tested by yours truly in the next set of videos...



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