Shri Hemkund Sahib Yatra By Helicopter ex-Dehradun, a tour by Waytoindia.com

Shri Hemkund Sahib Yatra

3 Nights/4 Days

by Helicopter(ex-Dehradun)

Shri Hemkund Sahib Yatra

About Shri Hemkund Sahib

In the late nineteenth century, Sikhs began to search for Hemkund: a place, high in the Himalayan mountains, which their tenth Guru alluded to in the autobiographical Bachitra Natak.

The title of this work roughly translates as the 'wonderful drama'. It is included in a compilation of writings attributed to Shri Guru Gobind Singh, known as the Dasam Granth.

In poetic language, the above story about the Guru's previous birth is recounted in chapter six of Bachitra Natak.

In these verses, the Guru tells of his origins. He describes the place Hemkunt Parbat Sapat Sring, the "lake of ice" "mountain" adorned with "seven peaks", as the same place where King Pandu, the forefather of the five Pandava brothers of Mahabharata fame, practiced yoga. There, the Guru did intense meditation and austerities until he merged with God. Because his earthly parents had served God, God was pleased with them and gave a commandment that the Guru to be born to them. In the world he would carry out a mission to teach the true religion and rid people of evil ways. He was reluctant to leave his state of union with the creator, but God compelled him. In this way the Guru took birth into the world.

Picture & Content Source : Sikhnet.com

Day By Day Tour Plan

Day 1: Travel To Dehradun

The Yatra starts as our Delhi staff meets you at the designated address and transfers you to Domestic Airport at Delhi for your flight to Dehradun.

The pious yatra to Shri Hemkund Sahib starts as you arrive at Dehradun Airport. Our representative shall receive you at Dehradun and transfer you to pre-booked hotel at Dehradun(4* Hotel).

Rest of the day shall be at leisure.

Our representative shall meet you over a cup of tea in the evening and brief you about the tour along with the DOs and DON’Ts of this Yatra.

He would also share the reporting time for the next morning (as the timings given below in the tour plan are estimated timings subject to modifications as per the statutory clearances for flying.

Dinner and overnight stay shall be at hotel in Dehradun.

Day 2: Fly to Ghangaria from Dehradun Helipad

10:00 HRS: Report at Sahastradhara helipad

10:45 HRS Leave from Sahastradhara helipad by for Ghangaria

Arrive at Ghangaria helipad: 11:45 AM

As mentioned above, subject to the government clearances, as per the final time schedule, our vehicle shall pick you from hotel at Dehradun and transfer you to Dehradun helipad for onward flight to Ghangaria.

As you arrive at Dehradun Helipad, our team shall prepare a passenger manifest and you would board the helicopter.From there you would fly to Ghangaria which would roughly take about 60 minutes.

As the helicopter soars high from the helipad at Dehradun, the huge mountains start looking like small mounds of green grass over which your helicopter flies. About 10-15 minutes therafter , you are able tto see the emerald green waters of the Tehri Dam.

Tehri Dam from Helicopter while flying to Ghangaria

In about 35 minutes after the take off, if one is attentive, one can see the slopes of Auli, a beautiful skiing destination above Joshimath on the right side. Also visible are the snow clad lofting Himalayan peaks, most notable among these being Nanda Devi.

Joshimath & Auli from Helicopter

A little later, the helicopter will turn into the narrow valley towards left and after about 8-9 minutes of flying, the helicopter would land Ghangaria, the base camp for Shri Hemkund Sahib Yatra.

Upon arrival at Ghangaria, our local staff would receive you and assist you to hotel/camp for check-in.

Camps at Ghangaria

You would be staying one complete day and night at Ghangaria (10,200 feet above sea level) in order to acclimatize with the altitude.

(Please note that due to being high altitude area, Ghagaria has very basic amenities. However, to make you feel comfortable, we provide electric blankets/hot water and try to keep our Guests as comfortable as is possible at that altitude.)

Rest of the day shall be to take complete rest and acclimatise yourself with the altitude.

Overnight stay shall be at hotel/camp at Ghangaria

Day 3: Ghangaria – Shri Hemkund Sahib - Ghangaria

After an early breakfast,leave for Shri Hemkund Sahib by Pony which would be arranged by our staff at Ghangaria.

You would be accompanied by a dedicated porter who would carrying your personal belongings (a small bag of 5-6 kg max), a First Aid Kit, packed lunch, 02 packaged drinking water bottles and a portable oxygen cylinder.

You would be awestruck by the natural beauty of Himalayas as you progress on this Yatra.

The route from Ghangaria to Shri Hemkund Sahib is paved with stones and there are tea shops on the way where the Yatris stopover to have a simmering hot cup of tea.

These shops are operated by the locals who also make Paranthas and Maggi for the Yatris.

Yatris coming back from Shri Hemkund Sahib

Frequently the Yatris meet other Yatris on the way and greet others by saying “Wahe Guru ji”.The atmosphere is charged with divinity and you feel spiritually charged as the Yatra goes on.

On the way, you would be stopping briefly where our staff would provide you with Lunch.

After a journey of about 3.5 hours, you would reach Shri Hemkund Sahib.

The first glimpse of Shri Gurudwara Sahib ji is sure to heal you completely from the fatigue of the journey.

You may take a dip in the Sarovar and then go inside the Gurudwara Sahib ji for Guru Darshan.

By 2 pm, start your journey back to Ghangaria.

Upon arrival at Ghangaria back from Shri Hemkund Sahib, our staff would receive you and escort you to hotel/tents for hot tea and snacks.

After this, our staff would assist you to check in at hotel/tented accommodation at Ghangaria.

Relax for the rest of the day at Ghangaria.

Dinner and Overnight stay at Ghangaria.

Day 4: Ghangaria – Govind Ghat – Dehradun - Delhi

7:00 am : Get up with a simmering hot cup of tea. Get fresh and after a light breakfast.

10:30 am: Our staff would escort you to helipad from where you would fly back to Dehradun.

Our vehicle shall drop you at Dehradun Airport for onward journey.

End of tour services

Per Person Cost : £ 2000 / INR 1,80,000

The above cost is inclusive of GST subject to a minimum of 5 passengers available for the charter.

To read more about this Yatra you may read our blog on the link https://travel-blog.waytoindia.com/hemkund-sahib-yatra/

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What all is included in the package cost?

Ans : Please refer the section “What’s Included” below.

Q: What is not included in the package?

Ans: Anything that has not been mentioned in the inclusions is excluded from the package cost.

Q : Which helicopters are used for this tour? Are these safe to fly with?

Ans : The helicopters used for this Yatra are mostly Bell 407 or Euro copter B3 single engine helicopters. All these helicopters go through strict standards of quality control and are declared air worthy by the Aviation Department only when they meet all world level safety and security criterion. Further, these helicopters are flown by Ex-Indian Air Force Pilots/Ex-Army Pilots who have tons of experience in flying at this altitude and this area. Thus, you can be rest assured, these machines and their pilots are well equipped to fly you safely during this Yatra.

Q: Are there any restrictions in relation to passenger weight/ number of passengers?

Ans: Yes, the total passenger weight that the helicopter can take is about 350 kg and it can fly maximum 5 passengers. Thus, we have placed a restriction of 80 Kgs per person so that the average total weight does not exceed 350 kg(assuming that some of the passengers may be around 65-70 kg as well).

Q: I am over 80 Kg, does this mean that I cannot go on this Yatra?

Ans: No, this does not mean that you cannot go on this Yatra. However, this package is not suited to you and we may have to design a package that is different and is specific to your needs.For this, kindly write back to us on info@waytoindia.com along with details about : Number of persons in your group, their names with age and body weight. Note that it might be that if your weight allows us we may adjust you in some of the groups that has Yatris with lower weight.

Q: Do I need to go through a medical examination before the Yatra?

Ans: While there are no such statutory requirements, we suggest that you consult your doctor before deciding to embark upon this yatra as this Yatra involves going and staying in high altitude area. Particularly, those who have any recurring medical history related to pulmonary disorders or heart ailment are advised not to take up this Yatra. Those with joint pains also need to seek advice of your doctor(although not much walking shall be involved since we would be providing pony )

Q: Are there any specific things that one must carry along during the Yatra?

Ans: Since there is a restriction of carrying only one small bag for each Yatri in Helicopter, you must travel light. However, you must carry warm clothing, towel, raincoat and waterproof jacket. Wearing waterproof shoes is also suggested. Your porter shall be carrying an Umbrella as well which you do not need to carry with you.

Q: You have mentioned in the tour details above that due to weather disturbances, helicopter may not fly. Is that very frequent? How do you operate in such conditions?

Ans: Shri Hemkund Sahib is located in high altitude area where weather is most unpredictable. However, during the months of June and September the weather generally remains conducive to fly in this area. Following are the scenarios and our responses, should there be any weather disturbances due to which there are disruptions in the tour:

• Due to bad weather/technical difficulties/government restrictions the helicopter cannot fly from Dehradun: Although such a scenario is extremely rare, and it is our endeavor to make suitable adjustments, yet in the most unlikely event of bad weather/technical issues/governmental restrictions, if we cannot fly you, we would refund you your money after deducting £ 250 per person on account of handling charges, hotel stay at Dehradun and flight charges Delhi-Dehradun-Delhi.

• Due to bad weather while the Helicopter flies from Dehradun but cannot land at Ghangaria: We would try again, if possible, and if Pilot decides that we cannot fly to Ghangaria finally, we would deduct the cost of flying on pro-rata basis and refund the balance amount after deducting £ 250 per person on account of handling charges, hotel stay at Dehradun and flight charges Delhi-Dehradun-Delhi.

Q: What are the payment terms?

Ans: The payment terms are as below:

25% of the total amount: at the time of booking the tour.

50% of the total amount: Latest by 28th February 2019

25% of the total amount: 30 days in advance to travel date

(Kindly note that the bank transfer charges, if any shall have to be borne by the Yatris.Also note that in case Yatris decide to pay through PayPal or International Credit Card, a payment gateway charge of 5% + exchange difference over and above the cost of tour shall be applicable.The Yatris would be liable to pay only the amount shared with them in the quotation, any extra amount if realized shall be refunded back to Yatris.)

Q: What would be the cancellation terms if I as Yatri decide to cancel my program?

Ans: Kindly appreciate that the tour cancellations mean that the seat booked by you would remain vacant and would effect the program of the other Yatris .Hence, For bookings cancelled up to 28th February 2019, we would deduct only £250 per person as cancellation charges and refund any amount in access to that if deposited by the Yatris.

For any cancellations beyond 28th February 2019, there would be no refund unless we are able to fulfill the seat vacated by the Yatri. To secure their refund, the Yatris can also refer any other Yatri who is willing to take their seat in which case the amount shall be refundable (all refunds, if any applicable would be after deducting the hadling charge of £ 250 per person).

Q: What facilities are availabile at Ghangaria Hotel/Camps

Ans: As shared above, the hotels & camps at Ghangaria are very basic, however, our team shall provide electrically heated blankets, hot water for bathing, packaged drinking water, dry fruits, biscuits etc. to take a good care of yours.

Q: Are there any ATM facilities available?

Ans: There is one ATM machine at Govind Ghat, however many a times it is not operational. There are no ATM Facilities available at Ghangaria or Shri Hemkund Sahib, hence it is advised that cash as required should be carried by you from Delhi.

Q: Which are other places of tourist places interest near Shri Hemkund Sahib? Can these places be included in this trip?

Ans: Other places of tourist interest in the area are Shri Badrinath Temple, Valley of Flowers, Joshimath and Auli.These places are not included in the trip generally, however, customized trip can be designed to include one or more of these places if you are travelling as a group. If you require this, write to us on info@waytoindia.com .

Q: What kind of food is made available to the Yatris during the tour?

Ans: Fresh vegetarian food is made available during the tour. Apart from this, dry fruits, canned/tetra pack juices/ fresh fruits, milk, cereals etc. is made available to the Guests during the tour.

Q: Can my tour be extended to other places in India?

Ans: Waytoindia specializes in tours across India. We can surely design your complete tour to India for which you may write to us on info@waytoindia.com .

• Airport Transfers from hotel to Delhi Airport on Day 1.

• Air Tickets Delhi – Dehradun –Delhi

• Airport Transfers from Dehradun Airport to hotel & back.

• 01 Night stay in 4* hotel with all meals at Dehradun.

• Travel by helicopter to Ghanharia from Dehradun and back(on seat basis in helicopter).

• 02 Nights accommodation with all meals at Ghangaria or Govind Ghat as the case may be.

• 01 dedicated porter per person Ghangaria- Shri Hemkund-Ghangaria.

• 01 portable oxygen cylinder per person

• Tea & Snacks as per the tour plan.

• Service tax included.

Anything not mentioned above in inclusions.

(1) The costs include Aircraft Rental Crew Salaries, Maintenance, and Insurance, Fuel costs, Route Navigation Charges, Landing and parking Charges.

(2) FORCE MATURE : Comfort Connections Pvt. Ltd. Or Helicopter Operator does not hold itself responsible for non-operation of charter for any unforeseen reason/s such as Bad Weather ,Poor Visibility , Non-Availability of clearances from ATC / Defense Authorities / Civil Administration.

(3) Due to any reasons if the flight cannot take off from the Originating station full amount after deducting handling charges @ £250/ INR 25,000/- per person will be refunded.

(4) We obtain the destination weather before departure, However, if due to sudden detention of weather en-route / destination, the aircraft can not land at the destination and has to return to Originating point or divert to some other airport, the actual flying time would be chargeable and balance if any payable / refundable (after deducting the flying costs on pro-rata basis and the handling charges of £ 250/INR 25,000 per person).

(5) Comfort Connections Pvt Ltd or the Operator shall not be responsible if any technical snag developed in the aircraft which can not be rectified within the time limit and effect the operation of flight.

(6) 100% Payment shall have to be deposited by the client before by cheque / DD in favour of M/s Comfort Connections Pvt. Ltd as per the payment terms mentioned in the FAQs.

(7) In the event of cancellation of the tour by the Yatris, the cancellation charges as per FAQs above shall be deducted.

(8) Jurisdiction: All disputes shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of courts in New Delhi only.

(9) All disputes arising between the operator and the client or Comfort Connections Pvt. Ltd and the client which cannot be mutually resolved, shall be referred to a sole arbitrator to be appointed by Comfort Connections Pvt. Ltd, The decision of such an arbitrator shall be binding on the parties.

(10) If due to bad weather or technical reasons or any other reasons whatsoever, the helicopter cannot fly from any destination and the customers have to incur additional expenses on their boarding or lodging, neither operator not Comfort Connections Pvt. Ltd shall be liable for the same and it would be entirely on the risk and peril of client to be borne by client directly.

(11) By booking your charter with Comfort Connections Pvt. Ltd., you are deemed to have accepted the above conditions of this charter. In case you do not agree to any of the conditions above, immediately share you concern with us failing which it would be deemed that the above conditions are acceptable to you.

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