Top goal scorer in the 21st century with 512 or something goals... started his career as an outrageously gifted youngster who became a true great of the game... Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best, football world has ever seen. When he was at United, despite being a winger he was a regular goal scorer... Not just goals, great goals like the one against porto... a free kick specialist and equally good at taking penalties... He established himself as the best player of that time... won the Ballon d'Or... You will run out of superlatives to describe Ronaldo, and although he may be a little more functional and robotic than the likes of Messi, Zidane and Ronaldinho, his effectiveness and consistency is second to none. His composure, his style and his approach can never be questioned when he is on pitch... Rarely gets outclassed on pitch, when he is on.... he is ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.....

At United he won 3 Premier League titles being an integral part in all of them, a Uefa Champions League... where he scored 8 important goals.... Often described as one of the most intelligent player on pitch, when he had won everything at United and was nothing more was left(His loyalty cannot be questioned as he stayed for one more year there just for the sake of the club)... He left United (after scoring 118 times for them) for Real Madrid for then record fee.... where Champions turn into all time greatest.

At Madrid so far he has scored 336 goals in 322 matches, which includes 73 strikes in Europe. Has broken almost all scoring records, has become more mature... plays more as a forward... He has already proved that he is one of the greatest ever.. He is mentally sharp, with good vision and positioning, often predicting certain plays; he also possesses quick reactions, opportunism, balance, and agility with an eye on goal... Always a goal threat. Although right-footed, he is also able to control the ball, cross, and finish well with his left foot. His flair in beating players during one on one situations is simply too perfect and only second to few(one). He can finish well from short as well as long distances, often with precise power. His height, strength, jumping ability and heading technique have given him an edge in winning aerial challenges for balls, with many of his goals often being headers, despite all this he is very good at his stamina...Very rarely gets subbed... His pace, power is second to none. He is an overall incredible athlete, very conscious about his fitness.... I have read somewhere that.. Last year, after 2 month summer break when he was back from the WC... he didn't even gain or lose a single pound of weight...

An inch perfect athlete... often doing humanitarian works all around.. who is a global icon... Ronaldo does not drink alcohol, he also does not smoke nor does he have any tattoos on his body which he chose not to get any because he regularly donates blood.

Its fair to say that he is one of the greatest ever...


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