Is College For YOU?

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Carmen Mann-Lynch

Mann-Lynch tells about her story and the struggle she had after collegeMann-Lynch explains the importance of FASFA and Scholarship applications.

Carmen Mann-Lynch has been a guidance counselor for four years and has been in education for 21 years. In her lecture, Mann-Lynch expresses the importance of the mix of college and skills. In the video Mann-Lynch showed, it tells how a low skilled manager gets paid less than a higher skilled electrician due to the skills each has.

Mann-Lynch described her struggle after graduating from college. Mann-Lynch graduated in 2012. During her time in college, she took out the full amount of loans. After graduation, she ended up being $49,000 in debt. She shared her story to hope no one makes the mistake she had made.

In her lecture, Mann-Lynch gave her personal opinions of finding the major you would be interested in. She gave the option of Indiana Career Explorer (ICE). She suggested to try three career explorer sites to get a good idea of what job you'd truly want.

Mann-Lynch said how a degree doesn't exactly get you in the door to a job. Other than a degree, your skills and interests can help you get the job almost guarantee. With a degree are are guaranteed to excel in the work force, but not as likely to get paid as were someone with the skills necessary for that job.

A part from going beyond college, Mann-Lynch explained ways to attend college and have the least amount of debt. She also gave a tip on FASFA and Scholarship applications. Mann-Lynch tells the students she counsels that FASFA deadline is March 1st when it is actually March 10th. She does this so the students can have a second chance to turn in their applications.

Mann-Lynch's lecture exclaimed the true importance of college and skill levels. She also revealed ways to attend college and get the most for your money. Mann-Lynch showed the students in her lecture that college is a must when it comes to the real world.

Mann-Lynch explains the importance of FASFA and Scholarship applications.Mann-Lynch tells about her story and the struggle she had after college
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