The timber wolf is a mammal that lives in the temperate forest. They can be different colors, like grizzled gray, black, white, and brownish gray. They are 26 to 32 inches tall at the shoulder and 4.5 to 6.5 feet long. It weighs around 55 to 115 pounds. Female timber wolves are usually smaller. The timber wolf is related to the gray wolf and is the ancestor of domestic dogs.

The timber wolf is a carnivore and eats only meat. They like to eat deer, elk, beavers, and rabbits. They usually hunt young, old, or diseased prey. They always hunt in a pack.

In addition to the temperate forest, the timber wolf can be found in the tundra, plains, mountains, taigas, prairies, and grasslands. They are found in multiple ecosystems in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. They like to be far from humans and in a silent area. They sleep in covered places when they’re wet or cold, but will often lie in the open. They make dens for pups and they always live in a pack.

Timber wolves are extremely adaptable. They have thick fur that protects them from Arctic winds and winters. They have keen senses like their hearing and smelling. They are powerful hunters. They also have special paws that help them run fast on snow. Each tow is protected against snow by having a layer of fur around it.

Timber wolves do not have any natural enemies. The leading cause of death of timber wolves is human hunters. The timber wolf protects itself by staying in a pack and having sharp teeth and great strength.

Timber wolves communicate with their pack by scent marking, vocalizations (including howling, growls, whines, and barks), facial expressions and body postures. The timber wolf is the largest in the canine family. They live in packs of two to twelve. The pack includes an alpha male, and alpha female, pups, and several young, subordinate wolves. Wolf pups are born blind and deaf and must be cared for until they are around 10 months old. Timber wolves can eat up to 20-30 pounds of meat in one meal. They can also go up to 14 days between meals.

The timber wolf is an important part of the forest ecosystem. It is an important part of our world.

This timber wolf is watching it's pray


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