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Welcome to Blackout Resistance.

You're expecting a new, basic server with nothing unique, hosted by someone who has no experience, run on free server hosting. This server is the exact opposite. Blackout Resistance is a pristine, upcoming server. We hope to bring custom gamemodes and much more. Even better, as a new server, we will start off small. That means that all of your opinions matter! You can interact, discuss, and chat with the Owner and Managers and your suggestions may come to life! Our minecraft server promises a truly interactive space.

We created this server with a set out goal that the server should in time, run only on custom-coded plugins made for us. This goal is what many servers strive for. It will be difficult, but we're in for the challenge. The real question is, are you in for the ride?



We are the brains behind Blackout Resistance, and we’re happy you decided to visit our site. Our team is made up of incredibly smart and passionate gamers who are united by a deep passion and interest for Minecraft. It was only after we came together that we realized how truly limitless this virtual world really is. We’re always learning new tricks and secrets about the game from each other, and our aim is to share all our discoveries with the world. Get to know our leadership below.

Akira, Founder
Kumi, Staff Manager
UndercoverPandaa, Staff Manager
Jeff, Elite Admin


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Join Our Staff Team!

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We are currently searching for friendly and professional staff members, builders, and developers over the age of 13.

We are looking for staff members who are dedicated, and can be on about one or two hours a day when the server is up. We only accept the best as a server is a form of business, so remember to fill your application with a lot of detail and be sure to join our discord. (Link Below)

We are looking for:

  • Professional Staff
  • Skilled Developers
  • Creative Builders

If you are accepted, We will pm you on discord and we will conduct an interview!

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