Theseus and the Minotaur Story By: lauren diggs

There once was a man in Greece named Theseus. He was on an determined mission to find his father.

While he was in search of his father he fell in love with a woman named Aethra.

Theseus and Aethra were going to find his dad together, so they headed off to go find Theseus's dad.

Aethera reminded him that in order to find his dad he had to fight the Minotaur. So instead of actually charging in and killing him first, he decided to do it the logical way by taking a string and retracing hi steps so that way he was able to get his way out of the cave. So after he did that he killed the Minotaur. Theseus was also able to find his father. But when Theseus came back on the ship they accidentally forgot Aethra behind.

After Theseus and his dad came back from the ship there was a war going on and Theseus wanted to join it. Sadly to say, Theseus died in the war and his father was very sad of grief that he lost him so he threw himself over a cliff. The End


Created with images by edenpictures - "Theseus Slaying the Minotaur" • Dimitris Graffin - "Θησέας, Θησείο"

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