If you liked Scat then you should try Flush By: Ana holladay

There are very many similarities and differences between Scat and Flush. Overall Flush is a very nice book with very relatable problems and conflicts that happen today in real world today.

Scat is a book about a kid getting blamed for the disappearance of his biology teacher because he dislikes her. He has nothing to do with her disappearance so he sets out to find evidence to prove he did not cause the disappearance.
Flush is a book about a kids dad who is very suspicious about a casinos boat that may be putting sewage into the port. This made the beach very disgusting and unwanted to swim in. When his dad failed to prove that the casino was putting sewage into the port the kid decided to try to fix his dads mistakes to prove they're putting sewage in the port without permission.

These books are similar because in both books they have a similar plot because in both books they have to prove something. They are different because in scat the kid has to prove he is innocent and in Flush another kid has to prove that someone else is quilty.

If you like Scat them you should definitely try Flush. They have the same kind of plot and have a lot of things going on at once. It is very intense and has a lot of suspense. Also it is a nice fit for people who like solving problems.

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