Writing Process and 6 + 1 trait Kirstin Crumrine


This is the time for writers to jot some ideas down. This is the time for writers to experiment with what they want to include in their writing and try out something new if they wish. Writers will use this time to gather all of their thoughts.

Here is an example of a pre-write.


This is the phase where the writer takes off with their topic. The writer puts into word what they are thinking and goes where ever their thoughts take them. As a teacher I encourage my students to write as much detail and thought that they can think of.


Sharing is all about peer reviews. We encourage our students to work with one another to improve each others writing to bring it to its full potential. We have our students share their work many times through out the writing process so it continues to improve.


Revising is simply taking the advice from the peer reviews and enhancing the writing. Our students do many steps of revising because our writing can only improve.


Editing is focusing on conventions. Here our students go through and focus on things such as spelling, punctuation, grammar, and usage. These are all areas that can help improve our writing.


Finally, we are making our writing public, for people to enjoy. The public can be anyone that you are writing your paper too, whether its your friends, teachers or even your parents.


Assessing is all about looking at your own work. you're looking back at your public piece and reflecting on what you like and what you still might like to fix a bit.

The writing process is the "how" of writing. It chops writing down into steps so that students can improve their work as they are developing their thoughts. Our thoughts matter, so its important to teach our students how to continue to develop them to express them properly.

Source: Peha, Steve. "The Writing Process Notebook." The Notebook: TTMS. 2002. Web.

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