Sweet Nothings Intimate Portraits with Lani

I get it - - there is a whirlwind of emotions you are experiencing when considering an Intimate Portrait session...

"...who is Lani?..."

"...but I need to lose weight..."

"...I have nothing to wear..."

"...this is going to be SO awkward being undressed in front of a complete stranger!..."

I am here to comfort and relax you!

- But don't take my word for it -

Here is what others have to say about their experience....

I had a photo shoot on Sunday with Lani Lloyd - she's amazing. There were expenses that I budgeted for. However, because I live in a 1 bedroom apartment, my "bed" is a couch/bed in my living room/office/bedroom. Not so very sexy or photogenic.

In order to make these photos AH-MAZING, we needed a room that would work. $300 later, I had a hotel room. $300 I didn't have. Really. Can you say, BLOCK?

I shut down my heart to panic about money. I was a hot mess all weekend...UNTIL...the photos began.

I'm not sure if it was any ONE thing that spurred on the FLOW of positive energy that filled my body that Sunday morning. What I DO know, is that the experience turned into something I never expected, and honestly, something I have NEVER felt before.

Okay -- there was some -- actually LOTS -- of pain, but so much laughter! Now I know why models get paid well. It's WORK.

But in those moments of posing and just BEING, I felt alive.

I felt unstoppable.
I felt fierce.

I felt LOVE pouring out of me.

I felt that I was truly loving MYSELF for exactly who I was for the first time.

Yes, I was half-naked in front of 3 people I barely knew, but it didn't matter.

I was feeling my body move, breathe, and play. I was relaxed and totally OPEN to whatever ROXY (my inner diva) wanted to show the world.

I opened myself up to LOVE.

I allowed myself to put all things aside and just BE in the moment. I allowed myself to feel as beautiful and sensual as I know my spirit was born to be.

Magical. Celestial. Feminine.

And after the eyelashes (AKA Eye Spiders) came off, and my sweatshirt, workout pants, and boots went back on, I took a look at the Polaroid shot Lani gave me.

And I cried.

Who the fuck knew that I could embrace my sensuality in a way that is soothing yet brings so much powerful feminine energy to my life (and eventually -- the world)?

Lovelies, no matter what you believe is your flaw, no matter your fear and hesitation to unwrap your true soul, I want you to know this:

We SEE you.

Just as you are.

Your beauty and your strength knows no bounds.

And the first step is right in front of you.

Love YOU More.

--Selena Maestas, "The Love YOU More Project"

Working with Lani was absolutely wonderful!

When I first started looking into boudoir photography, I really had no idea where to start or what to expect. I saw some beautiful pre-wedding ones and thought my own shoot would be the perfect birthday gift for my husband!

Finding Lani in my MOB Alliance group [local mom entrepreneur community] worked out perfect as I love supporting fellow moms who run their own businesses.

Messaging back and forth was a breeze.

I felt valued and taken care of, and the process was very well laid out.

I will admit I was very nervous on being so vulnerable, but Lani made me feel comfortable, empowered, and beautiful in my own skin.

Her discretion was perfect.

I didn't have any awkwardness (well, the butt shot maybe, ha!) which was great.

Proofing the photos went well - I had so many choices it was hard to choose! I was blown away at the images she shot and edited for me.

I ordered a book with 10 pages in it and my husband was completely surprised and it turned out very elegant and something we will both treasure for a long time.

I am extremely pleased with the quality of work, and Lani's professionalism.

If you're looking for a family or boudoir photographer, Lani is your girl!

- S. Ausborn

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Lani Lloyd


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